Love Others-Feeling or Doing?

We as Christians, know what we are commanded by Jesus himself in John 13:34, that we should love one another, and the world will know, that are his disciples. And it is easy to understand, because God is Love. But loving others is a command, and it is not about what or how we feel about others.

You see, the Agape love of God, is more to do with us doing something to others or for others, rather than feeling loving them, or feeling love for them. I do not think Jesus commanded us to feel love for others but gave us a command to love others. And a command, is something we obey and do, rather than a feeling. And anyway, we can not force ourselves to feel love for other people anyway.

But the command from God to love one another, is tightly related to what we are also commanded by Jesus to do to others, just as we would like them to do to us. Do you see that, Jesus told us to DO to others as we would like them to do to us. So, it is all about doing something to others, and not just a feeling or love.

Sometimes, we actually, do not feel very loving to particular people, and we know, that we do not feel love in our hearts about them. Well, what does that mean? Does it mean, that we should not do anything good or positive to them, just because we do not feel love in our heart for them? I do not think so. No matter what we feel about others, we are commanded to do to them, just as we would like them to do to us.

Yes, of course, it does not always mean, that others will do to us, just as we want them to do for us, but that is the goal, that is the command from heaven, on which we base what we will decide to do to others. Notice, I said decide, not feel, because that is what the command to love others is about. Because we want to obey God, that is why we decide to do them good, even if we do not feel like doing it.

What about our enemies, people who do not like us, and are willing to do anything to hurt us, even without a cause? Naturally, we do not feel very loving towards our enemies, do we. Often, if we are honest, we can actually feel angry towards them, for treating us unfairly, hurting us without a cause. But, we are commanded by Jesus to love them. So, on one side of the coin, we can feel angry about our enemies, but on the other side of the coin, we can decide to say or do something good for them, because we are commanded so by God. It is not so easy sometimes to do that, but the Holy Spirit, by his love which is in our hearts, will help us to do so, in order for us to do, what we are commanded by God.

Iron Sharpens Iron

The Bible says that we must admonish each other, and that we must teach each other, and if someone has a revelation, or a psalm, all things must be done in order for us to grow in our spiritual walk with God.

And of course, we are not only to teach each other the truths of the Word of God, but we are also to correct one another in love, when we need to be corrected, or when we need to correct somebody else. But that must be done in love, because if we do not have love, we are nothing, as the Bible says. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds us up.

When we read Galatians 2:11-14, that Apostle Paul rebuked Apostle Peter, for acting in hypocrisy, when Peter was eating with the Gentiles, at one time, but when other Jews came, he did not eat with Gentiles anymore. So in that case, Paul was rebuking Peter for his mistake. In other words, iron sharpens iron.

It is good for us to be ‘sharpened’ by one another, otherwise, we could become too ‘dull’ spiritually. But it is important to do that in love. It is easier for us to accept any correction, when we see the love for us, from the person correcting us. That is how love builds us up. It makes us more willing to accept any correction from other believers, even if we do not agree with them. At the end of the day, who does not want to be loved? Although the correction may be very difficult pill to swallow, the fact that it comes to us on the wings of love, makes it easier for us to accept it.

I wonder how Peter felt about the rebuke from Apostle Paul? We do not know, because we do not know how Paul said it to Peter. We know that it is important not only what we say, but how we say it too. Sometimes, we can say the truth to someone, but not in a very nice way. Or vice versa. We can still say the truth, but in a nicer, and more acceptable way. So, although we read that Paul rebuked Peter, we do not actually know how Paul said it to Peter. Love makes a hard truth, easier to accept. And we can ‘kill’ a person with a joke. Although it is a joke, if we do not say it in a nice way, it can actually hurt a person, instead of making them laugh.

So we have to be careful, how we ‘sharpen’ one another, just as a iron sharpens iron.

Love is Fault Blind

It is easy if we do not love our neighbour, to start looking at their faults. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. We should not be like the Pharisees, who did not emphasise love for their enemies, but were just looking to find out, what Jesus was not doing right, trying to find fault with him, although, it was never possible and never could be, to find fault, with the Son of God, who is perfect and Almighty God, who does not make a mistake.

​May God help us not to be like the Pharisees who broke all records of fault finding, and be like Jesus, who loved, despite of the sinful state of human beings, by being a friend of sinners.

You see, God does not like, some of the things we do, which are not appropriate according to his standards, but he still loves us, and has forgiven us in Jesus. 

Love is fault blind, meaning it goes over the shortcomings and mistakes of people. That is why Jesus said that he is interested in mercy for people, and not sacrifice. 

There was an occasion, when some of the disciples of Jesus, wanted to call fire to fall from heaven, and to burn some people, who were around them. But Jesus did not approve that. All that those disciples could see at that time, was the mistakes of those people, and they could not see further than that, but Jesus did see further, and wanted mercy for those people, and not to make them like a burning sacrifice or kill them. He came to give people life, and was the friend of sinners.

When we concentrate on the shortcomings and sins of people around us, we become blind to the good in them, and we become love blind, instead of being fault blind. God wants us to be more fault blind and not love blind, because he is Love, and because that is why he sent his Son Jesus, to die for sinners, and call them to salvation, and not to kill them. God always desires mercy before looking for punishing someone for their sins. He is looking for repentance from people, and not to kill them, and and forget about them. He wants to take repentant and forgiven sinners to heaven. 

We are always fault blind, or love blind, one or the other, but we can not be both, at the same time. The devil is called the accuser. He is the one accusing people for their sins before God, just as he did with Job. He is the master fault finder. God on the other hand, is always merciful and gracious, wanting to forgive people their sins, and to overlook their mistakes or sins, because of what Jesus did for humanity.

Why Fast?

​Fasting is humility, doing what God desires instead of what you desire. That is denying yourself daily, and carrying your cross daily. Fasting is obeying God, just to do what he has commanded instead of doing what you want to do. Fasting is saying ‘No’ to flesh and learning to deny the flesh. Do not forget that the sinful nature lives in the body. Fasting is leaving what you want, eating, in order to do what God wants, praying.

I believe that God is more interested, why do we fast, than how long we fast. You see, we can fast for 40 days, without eating anything, but what God is looking for, is why are we actually doing it. 

Sometimes, we can be tempted to think, that if we fast enough, we can ‘twist the arm’ of God, and make him to do, what we have asked of him in prayer, or to give us something, when we pray. But that is the totally wrong approach to fasting altogether. Why? Because the primary purpose of fasting, is for us, to align ourselves with God, and not to cause God to do something for us. You see, fasting is for him, not for us. Fasting is a type of humility, and humility simply means, doing what God has commanded us. To be humble, does not mean to have a pity party and say ‘Poor me’, but it means obeying the Word of God. That is humility.

Some Christians think, that when they fast, that will cause God to answer their prayers. Look, God does not answer our prayers, because we do not eat for some time, while we are fasting. No. God answers our prayers because we believe his Word, and because he cares for us. That is why he answers our prayers, and not because we decided to fast, for one or more days. 

Fasting simply shows God, that we are willing for a certain period of time, to deny the desire of our flesh to eat, and instead spend that time in prayer. God is always pleased when we say not to the flesh and yes to his Holy Spirit. We should not forget, that according to Apostle Paul, the sinful nature lives in our bodies, and not in our minds or spirits. That is what is written in Romans 7:23 Amplified Bible. So fasting is a way for us to carry our cross, and to train ourselves to deny our body, or flesh, and its desire to eat, in order to spend time feeding our spirit and soul, on the Word of God, and spending time with God.

Levels of Spiritual Growth

Levels of Spiritual Growth

There are Christians, all over the world, but each one of them, is on a different spiritual level, than other Christians. We are not all on the same level. Each of us, who has been born again from the Holy Spirit, is on a different spiritual level of growth, than the others. It is like students at school. Some are at the Primary School, but others are at the University. And their knowledge compared to one another is not the same.

Each sermon a preacher prepares, should ideally address all levels of growth, in the Church congregation. Why? Because, one Christian believes that he can eat vegetables but not meat, and another Christian believes that he can eat meat and vegetables, and that would not be a problem for him – Roman 14:1-5.

Now, let us look at Hebrews 5:13, 14. In these verses, we can see, that it is possible for a Christian, to be a Christian for many years, yet to be on the infant spiritual level.

You see, God can not give us the solid spiritual food, the ‘meat’, if we are on the baby spiritual level. Why not? Because if he did, we can not digest it. We literally can not digest it into our spirit, and apply it in our life, because that solid spiritual food, is only for the mature Christians, who have developed their spiritual ‘digestive system’, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and being renewed with the Word of God to a such degree, that it can ‘digest’ the solid spiritual food, without a problem. And not only digest it, but apply it in their lives.

We can not give a stake or fried chicken legs to a baby, because the baby does not even has the teeth to chew and digest that type of food. So it is similar to us, if we are still baby type of Christians, and we receive a ‘solid spiritual food’ from heaven. We will not be able to ‘digest’ it, and therefore, that food can not change us or make us to grow in the things of God.

Another thing to consider, is that wanting to have more revelations from God, does not ‘click’ well, with a Christian, who is on the baby level of spiritual matters, because, even if God gave that Christian some more revelations, if that Christians is not mature enough, he could possibly not understand what those revelations mean, or if he did, he could misuse those revelations, because of immaturity in Christ. We have to be on a more mature level in the things of God, in order for us, to grasp, and deal properly with the things God gives us in the spiritual realm.

​God knows on what level of maturity in his things we are, and although we may want him to give us more things of his Kingdom, he would probably often not, because of our ‘infant’ way of thinking about the things of God. God will give us revelation from heaven, according to our level of growth in him, so that we can use and apply in our life, that type of revelation from him.

Hope at the End of the Rope

OK, now you are in a dangerous and challenging situation, and you wonder, if there is any help for you from heaven. You are not sure if God cares for the small details in your life, and you question yourself in your thinking, if God really does care, about what you are going through. Or perhaps you think, that God is only concerned about the big or ‘important’ things in your life, and only for the spiritual matters, but not for any material matters in your life. 

Now, that is how many Christians our there think, when they are in the tight place. But where does that kind of thinking come from, and is it at all, based on the Bible?

The reality is, that no, it is not based on the Bible, but is based most likely on some human presumptions, and some faulty thinking, which is not really a proper thinking, but is a kind of ‘stinky thinking’, a thinking, which has more to do with the way this world thinks, than is to do with what the Word of God says about us, and our situation.

You say ‘But I am at the end of my rope’. Well, you may be at the end of your rope, but according to God and his Word, is not the ending of you, if you believe and trust, that he will take you out or take you through, in your challenging and difficult situation. Know this, that no matter how short or long your rope is, once you find yourself, at the end of the rope, that is not the end, of a hope for you from God, never was, and never will! Why? Because he is there at the end of the rope, waiting for you, to give you a new rope, full with hope and blessing. Do not believe that? Let us look at Psalm 71.

In Psalm 71:5, 6, 14, we can see, that King David, had learned to make God, his hope, a refuge and a fortress. What does that mean? Well, it means that when his enemies came and surrounded him, and in occasions wanting to kill David, he even then had hope in God, and run to God for help. Just read the whole psalm 71, and you will see, why King David was so powerful, in his life, even though he had to pass sometimes, through many trials and tribulations.

​The key was, he had a trust in God, and he had his hope and help in God, no matter what, he was facing. That could be the key for our hope in difficult situations too, when we pass through the fire. God can help us even when we do not have the hope and trust that he will do, but I am sure, it gives him joy, to find us trusting and hoping in him, for every situation we find ourselves in.

No Matter Good or Bad Report

There are sometimes, moments in your life, when you wonder, why if you do some things, which you know are right, and especially right in the eyes of God, because you have his Word, to make you think so, there are some people, or even Christians, who will say, all sorts of not so good things, about what you are doing, or about yourself. And of course, at the same time, there will be some other people, and even Christians, who will say various or many positive things, about what you are doing, or about yourself. And you find yourself, wondering, why there are those two types of reports, from people about you, positive and negative, about the one and the same thing you are doing. 

But I would suggest, that you are not alone in that, and that there are many other Christians, who are undergoing the same treatment, just like yourself, about the good and right things, they are doing, by being criticised by one group of people, and being praised by another. 

And now, what is more important for you to realise, is that when Jesus was on earth, there were also two types of people, the ones who were saying some positive things about him, and some others, who were saying some negative things about him, and what he was doing or teaching.

Look at Matthew 11:18, 19, and see, how people had a negative opinion, about John the Baptist, and about Jesus. And those verses, show some contrast between John the Baptist, and Jesus, in the sense, that John the Baptist, was not indulging in eating food, and Jesus, was sitting and having meals with sinners. The people criticised John the Baptist, even if he was not eating too much, and was not doing anything, which is not very commendable, and they did the same for Jesus. So, whatever John the Baptist and Jesus did, there were people around them, who would not like or approve, what they were doing. 

So why are you surprised, if sometimes, you find people saying things about you do, which are not very nice, although you know, that those things you do, are good, and is nothing negative about them? Do not be, that is, how it is. You will always have that type of comments from people, whatever you do. Jesus was perfect, never sinned, and there were people, who said all sorts of horrible things about him. You and me, can not escape, that type of treatment either, because the student is never above his teacher.

The Door is Small But Always Open

Yes, the door may be small, and the path narrow for those who follow Christ, but it is worthwhile.

Of course, the door is opened for those who knock on it, as promised in the Bible, but the fact, that the door is small, and the path narrow, should not discourage you and me, to try to enter through it.

The reason the door is small, is not in order to make it difficult for any Christian to pass through it, but because many people in this world, have chosen to go, through the wide big gate of life, and the motorway of life, which leads to destruction. But only a few are those, who have chosen to follow Christ, and therefore, the door does not need to be big, and the road leading to heaven, does not need to be wide.

You see, there is more soil on this earth, than gold and silver. There is more soil on this earth, than there are diamonds. There are golden vessels and silver vessels, and there are vessels made just from clay. The golden and the silver vessels are much more valuable to their owner, than the vessels made from clay. We as Christians, are those vessels, made from gold and silver, useful for the Master, our Lord Jesus Christ. And the vessels made from clay, are always more than the vessels made from silver and gold. And the vessels made from silver and gold, are much more expensive to buy, than the vessels of clay. The golden and silver vessels, are much more appreciated by their owners, than the vessels of clay, because they have more value. So it is with us as Christians. We are God’s own possession, precious in his own eyes, bought for his purpose, sanctified by his Holy Spirit, bringing glory to him.

The fact that the road is narrow, and the door small, that leads to heaven, should not discourage us, and make us think, that we are not so important in this world, in the eyes of the world. People of this world, who do not know God, walk on the motorway of life, and pass through big gates in their life, and they look at us Christians, walking on a small, narrow ways of life, and entering through small, ‘insignificant’ in their eyes doors, and perhaps mocking us for that, but they do not realise, that the motorway they walk on, and the big gates they pass through, are leading them straightway to hell and destruction. We may struggle sometimes, walking on a narrow small road, and trying to squeeze ourselves, through the narrow door or life, but at least, we get to heaven.

God Wants to Encourage Your Heart

Are you discouraged, by some events in your life? If you are, you are not alone.

There are many Christians around the world, who have felt discouraged in their life, in one way or another, by what has happened in their life, or by what is happening now. Perhaps you are one of them. You see, we all pass through discouraging and difficult situations in our life, from time to time, not because God wants us to suffer, but because of many factors in this world, and our life. There always are people or circumstances and various things, which can cause our hearts to be sad, and painful.

We leave in a world, which is full with people, who do not know God, and do not like to know him, and because of that, all they have, is the sinful nature in their bodies, which is often dictating what they do or say. And we have natural disasters and pandemics, which add to our suffering. Another one, who has come to steal, kill and destroy, is the enemy of our souls, who is having only one purpose, to destroy as many people as he can, so that people can not go to heaven, but join him in hell, because he hates people going to heaven, the place where he was kicked out by God. 

We wonder sometimes, if God is good, why does he allow so many people to suffer, and Christians to suffer too. But we should not forget, that Jesus gave us a clear promise, in the Gospels, that in this world, we would have trouble. But he did not say just that. He also said that he has overcome the world. And he said, that we should not allow our hearts to be troubled. Why did he say that? Because he has overcome the world, and if he did, so can we, because he lives in us. Jesus did not promise us a problem free life. No. He promised to be with us, in the midst of our problems, and not just be with us, but to help us and comfort us, by either delivering us from our troubles, or by giving us grace, to endure and go through them.

If we read 2 Thessalonians 2:17, that God will encourage our hearts, and strengthen us in every good word and deed. But notice that it first says that God will encourage our hearts. How can do and encourage other people, if we are discouraged? Before we do the good work of encouraging somebody, we need to be comforted and encouraged by God ourselves first. Then when we have the encouragement and the comfort from God, we can encourage other people, and they can see it easily, if we are discouraged or encouraged and comforted by God ourselves. They can notice if we are full with comfort and encouragement from heaven, or full with discouragement and sadness. Some more literal translations of the Bible, like the New American Standard and the King James version, use the word ‘comfort’, instead of ‘encourage’, for the 2 Thessalonians 2:17.

No matter how many discouraging and depressing news you watch on the TV everyday, God has promised to encourage and comfort your heart, so that you can cut like knife through butter, through all those depressing TV news, and though any challenges you face, in your daily life.

Future of Joy If You Apply It

If you are a born again Christian, then heaven has a good plan for your future. The Bible says in Proverbs 10:28, that if you are a righteous person, then you have hope, and the end of your hope is joy. 

Now, perhaps you are looking at your situation and circumstances, and perhaps you are going through some very difficult situation in your life, or perhaps of the Covid 19 pandemic, life has become worse for your personally, in many aspects. Yes, those are all facts, and you can not deny them, neither should you. 

But despite of all that you are passing through, and despite the challenging and difficult situation you find yourself into, because of circumstances in your life, know this, that God has joy planned for your future. If you are a righteous person, and if you are Christian, you can not escape from the pan and purpose of God for you, and your life, because you have the righteousness of God, as a gift from God to you, because of what Jesus Christ has done for you, by his death on the cross, for your and my sins. Because of that, you are a righteous person, in the eyes of God, and therefore, Proverbs 10:28, completely applies to you! That is one of the promises of God for you! Take hold of it, confess it daily, keep it in your mind, write it on your phone, meditate on it, and thank God for it. If God has said it, that belongs to you, as a Christian. 

You see the promises of God, are the most powerful thing we have in this world, but unless we take hold of them, and use them, and apply them in our life, for our own situation, they are fruitless for our life. If you do not use and apply the promises of God on a regular basis, daily in your life and situation, they remain inactive, and they can not produce a miracle. Yes, the Bible says that the Word of God is living and active, but it can not be active in your life, if you do not use it and apply it not just once, but on a regular basis. It is like a medicine, which you need to take every day, for a period of time, to see the result of healing, if you have been sick. 

God wants us to use and apply his promises in his Word, in the situations in our life, and sometimes daily, on a regular basis. Knowing all the promises of God, is not enough. Applying and putting in action those promises of God, is what makes the difference. Holding a medicine in your hand does not help and can not heal. Applying that medicine will heal you!

So, Proverbs 10:28 can promise you that your hope for the future, and your future prospect is joy, if you are a righteous person, but unless you believe it, and apply with faith that promise of God in the challenging and difficult situation in your life, I doubt, if there would be any positive result. The doers of the Word of God are blessed, not just the knowing of the Word of God. Remember, the enemy also knows the Word of God, but he does not obey it, but only twists it for his own purpose, just as he did, when he quoted Psalm 91, to tempt Jesus in the wilderness.

Being Content Whatever the Circumstances

Today, because of the situation in the world, with the Covid 19 pandemic, and other troubles in this world, many people are not content, with their lives, with their jobs, with their amount of money, with their friendships, and with other things in general. There are many Christians, who for one reason or another, can not feel content, whatever the circumstances in their live. I have myself, felt the same way of not being content, with many different circumstances, in my life. 

But if we look at Apostle Paul, especially what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we can see, that Paul has learned something, about the circumstances in his life. Now, we remember what type of life, Apostle Paul had, after he became a Christians. That man, in comparison with many of us Christians, has been through all sorts of troubles, and lack in his life, with some beatings, lack of sleep and food, not having enough clothes, persecuted many times, nearly killed a few times, and yet, when we read what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we see that despite of all that, he has learned a lesson. And that lesson, is absolutely and completely according to the will of God, for Apostle Paul, and for us Christians, because, obviously, he wrote about that, in the Epistle to the Philippians.

The lesson Apostle Paul had learned, was that he knew how to be content, in whatever the circumstances. Paul did not grumble, about his life, or about his lack of food and clothing, or about the lack of other things he needed. Instead, he had learned to be content, despite the circumstances. Now, that  is living by faith, and not by sight. If Apostle Paul was living by circumstances in his life, no way he was going to be content, as he said, that he was. No way! With all those horrible things happening in his life as a Christians, he would have a mental breakdown, and physical burnout. But no, he has learned to be content. 

If Paul was content not matter what happened in his life, that alone would save him, from all sorts of worries and anxiety, about lack of food, clothes and other things. He would be going to bed peacefully, and waking up peacefully, with not worries where or how he could get, food, clothes or other things he needed. Paul said that he can do all things, by him who was giving him strength. In other worlds, the reason why Paul was content always, is because he trusted that in any situation, in any needs he had, God will take care of him, and provide him not only the strength he needed, but everything else. God was providing Paul strength, in order to enable him, to pass through the lack of food, lack of clothes, lack of sleep, by the grace of God, so that he could by God’s grace and strength, endure all that lack of things, and hardships, until God provided for him, all that he needed in his life.

If we trust and believe God just as Apostle Paul did, God will provide us also, with the strength we need, to go through the lack of money, jobs, food, clothes, and other things, so that we can learn to be content, in whatever circumstances we finds ourselves in, until we receive the full provision from God, for all those things we need.

Do Not Just Knock on That Door-Brake It

Matthew 7:7, 8

You know, we are told by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to knock on the door, so that it can be opened to us. Some Christians, will not even knock on the door, so, how is that door, going to be opened to them?

Knocking on the door, is our part, and is the first part we need to do, in order for God, to open the door, after we have knocked on it, and that is God’s part. Although God can open any door to us, he will not open a door in our life, unless we knock on it. God wants to make us participants in opening of a door in our life, together with him, and he does not want us, to just stay there, and watch until he opens the door for us, so we just enter through it.

There are three types of actions, any Christian can take, in regard to doors being opened or shut in their lives. The first type are the Christians, who for one reason or another, do not knock on the door which God puts sometimes, in front of them. They just do not. Maybe perhaps because they think that the door is not supposed to be in their life, at that particular time, but they forget, that God’s timing for things in our life, is often quite different, than our timing. Or perhaps there are other reasons. But the fact is, they are reluctant to knock, on that door.

The second type of Christians, are those, who knock a couple of time on that door, but give up soon, and because the door remains shut, they give up altogether, and do not continue to knock on that door. They forget, that the very purpose God places doors in our lives, is in order for them to be opened. But nevertheless, they give up after a couple of knocks, and go away from that door. 

The problem with the first and the second types of Christians, who never see the door opened, is that they could miss all the treasures God has prepared for them, on the other side of the door.

But the third type of Christians, in regard to the doors placed in our lives, are those, who not matter how big the door seems to be, or how many times they have to knock on it, do not just go away, after a couple of knocks. They are the types who will actually sometimes brake the door and get through it, just to fulfil the purpose of the door, and that is, to be opened. And they are the ones who get all the treasures prepared by God for them, and placed, behind that door. 

In the Greek original language, of the New Testament, the word is ‘keep knocking’, which denotes a continual action, and not just one time action. 

So, let us break some of the doors, which God has placed in our lives, so that we do not miss, all those treasures, placed by God, behind that door for us. God does not mind us braking some of the doors in our lives, because the only reason he placed them in our lives, is that we can go through them, and get what he has left for us, behind them.

Confessing Some of Your Sins to Another Christian

When we look at James 5:16, we see that we are commanded by God, to confess our sins, to one another.

Now, there are some Christians, who claim, that it means we should confess any of our sins, to other Christians. But does it mean, we must confess every sin we have committed, to other Christians?

What I believe that it means, is that we must confess our sins to one another, when we sin, against each other, and that is confined, only about us sinning or doing something wrong, to another Christian, or another Christian, doing something wrong, against us. That is what it means. Why?

Because, fist of all, we are accountable for all our sins, to God alone, not to other Christians. God is our Judge, and God is the one who will forgive all our sins, if we repent. We do not nee, and are not commanded or called in the Bible, to confess all our sins to another Christian. Why should we?

At the end of the day, many or our sins are nothing to do with them, but are to do with other people or things in our life, for which they do not have any idea at all, most of the time anyway. Why should we confess all or any of our sins to another Christian? We are not accountable to them for our sins, fist of all, but to God.

Jesus said in the Gospels, that if our brother sins against us, then we can go and show him his fault, and if he repents, we must forgive him. Do you see that? Jesus was talking about another Christian sinning against us, doing something wrong to us. That is the type of sins we are supposed to confess to one another, and not all and every sin!

​All other sins, which we have done, and which have nothing to do with the brother who has sinned against us, are to be confessed to God, in order of us, to receive forgiveness. So, we do not need to confess all our sins, to another person, but only if we have done something wrong to that person, that is the sin we need to confess, and ask them for their forgiveness.

Abundance By Grace Or By Toil?

In this world, the so called successful people, are the ones, who have got high education, or a lot of money. According to the world system, if you can not make a lot of money, or can not be highly educated, you are a failure, and have not succeeded. You could be also considered not very bright or intelligent either. In the way this world thinks, you have to work a lot, and to earn or deserve all your riches, if you become a rich person,  a millionaire or billionaire. 

But for us Christians it is a different story. God has a different way to describe as successful, all his children. According to God, in the Kingdom of God, the successful people, are not necessarily the rich ones, or the highly educated ones. John the Baptist, is called the greatest by Jesus, among those born by women. Yet John the Baptist, was not highly educated or rich. 

If you are a born again Christian, you may be thinking that for you to have an abundance in your life, all you have to do, is to work hard, and in that way make your riches. It is true, that the Bible says that the diligent people, who work hard, will find wealth, but the Bible also reveals to us, something else about us Christians, the children of God, having an abundance of material blessings in our life. 

When we read Proverbs 10:22, we can clearly see, that the blessing of the Lord, brings wealth, even if the people have not worked for it. Do you see that? That is the grace of God, working in your life displayed. If you are not working for your money, how can God give you money? Did not God say, that we should work, as written in his Word? Of course he said it!

​But God wants us to know, that us working for our money and needs, is not everything there is. Yes God has commanded us to work, and earn our living, but he can also give money or riches, to anyone he wishes, at any time, just as he gave riches to king Solomon, without Solomon working for all that gold and silver, which was given him from God, after he had the dream. 

Or consider the case when Jesus told Peter and the other disciples, after his resurrection, to into the sea again, and catch fish, after the disciples were trying to catch fish the whole night, and did not catch anything. After they did what Jesus told them to do, they have an abundance of fish. Now, was that abundance of fish, caught by the disciples, the result of their work, or was it, because of the grace of God, the fact that Jesus miraculously provided all that fish in abundance for them? Of course, that was the grace of God manifested, right in front of their eyes, just as it says in Proverbs 10:22, that the blessing of the Lord, gives wealth.

When God decides to bless someone, and give them wealth and riches, not man can stop it, and that will be entirely based on the grace of God for that person, and nothing to do, with what they have worked for, what education they have, or what business or profession they have. All that is to do with the grace of God in their lives. 

You Can Be Around Jesus and Miss the Blessing

Did you know, that you can be around Jesus and still miss the blessing? God has many blessings for us, but he never forces any of his blessing on us, and we can completely miss them, if we are full with doubt and unbelief.

In the Gospel of Mark 6:56, It says that many people were around Jesus and that some people, were touching his clothes. But you have to notice that, although many people were around Jesus, only those who came to him and touched his clothes, were healed. Why? Because they had the touch of faith. All the other people, who were around Jesus, but did not touch his clothes, were just spectators, who completely missed it.

There were many people around Jesus, everyday, while he was on earth. Some believed the miracles he did, but others when they saw the miracles, tried to kill him. So, being around Jesus is not enough. You have to do something, some type of action, in order to manifest your faith in him. Touching his clothes with faith, will give you the miracles. They would not touch his clothes, if they did not believe, that he would heal them. The only reason they came to him and touched his clothes, was that they believed, they will be healed, like many other people they have seen before, coming to Jesus, touching his clothes and get healed.

Did not Jesus want to heal all the people around him? Yes he does. But he also wants to see faith. That is why in Mark 6:5, 6 it says that Jesus was in one place, where he did not do many miracles, apart from healing a few people, because of their lack of faith. And he marvelled at their unbelief.

Knowing about Jesus is not enough to produce a miracle in your life. You have to demonstrate your faith in him and his Word, by some action, by something you do. Your actions manifest and display an unbelief or faith, and so do your words. Jesus is more that happy to see those actions of faith.

The power of God was there all the time in Jesus, to heal everyone, but those only standing around him, just like spectators, did not receive it. Only the ones who did something practically, like touching the robe of Jesus because of their faith in him, received his power, and were healed.

You Do Not Work for Heavenly Presents

The Bible says, that we have the gift of righteousness, given to us by God, because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. It is called the gift of righteousness, and not the wage of righteousness.

Let me ask you a question. In your life, how many times, you have paid for the gifts your friends, family or other people have given you? Non! Well, the gifts they gave you, were given to you, not because you worked for them, or did something to deserve those gifts, but because those people, appreciated you and your friendship or relationship with them, and they valued you as a person. They gave you those gifts, because they cared for you. 

In contrast, the wages you have received from the places you have worked before in your life, were given to you, by the aide of your boss or supervisor, and were given to you, not because your boss liked you very much, but because you worked for him. You did something to earn and deserve those wages. 

The gifts we receive from friends, are given because of their care, love and appreciation of us, as friends and as a person. They were not given to you, because you earned or deserved those gifts. Your boss on the other hand, gave you your wages, because you deserved them, and you earned them, and it is not because your boss appreciated your personality or your friendship. 

The Bible says in Romans 5:17, that we have got the gift of righteousness from God. That is a gift of righteousness, and not a wage of righteousness. Do you see that? God gave us the free gift or righteousness, because of his care, and relationship to us, as a heavenly Father, because of his grace, and because he wants to takes to be with him, for eternity. And he did it, because of what Jesus has done for us, by his death and resurrection. God did not give us a wage of righteousness. He did not give us his righteousness, because of what we have done, or because of how holy life we live before him, or because of the good works we have done. No. The gift of righteousness from God for us, is nothing to do with us, and everything to do with God, and his grace, care and mercy for us. That is it. That is why why it is called a gift, and not a wage. 

You Are Guaranteed to Be Protected

Are you wondering if God will protect you from evil? Are you in a situation where you are not sure, if you will be protected by God, although you believe that he will? You are not alone! We all struggle sometimes, to completely trust God, not only for protection, but for many other things like healing, meeting of needs, etc…

In Proverbs 1:33, it says that whoever listens to God, will live in safety, and be at ease, without fear of harm. Hmm, even if we are harmed, even then God can make us live at ease, and free from fear, because Psalm 34 says that God is the one, who delivers us of all our fears. But Proverbs 1:33 says, that we will be at ease, and be safe. That means, that God will make you to relax, and live your life, not by worry and anxiety of what may happen to you, but will give rest for your soul, just as he has promised in his Word.

The thing is, what is important is that, we allow our senses and the outside circumstances, to dictate what happens in our life, rather than our faith and trust in God, to dictate what happens in our life. I personally believe, that God wants us to trust him, not just for protection from evil, but for anything else he has promised us, in his Word. Why did God promise us things in his Word? Just for us to memorise and know them? No! The main reason God gave us his wonderful promises in his Word, is so that we can believe and apply them in our life, and not only know and memorise them. That is because the Word of God says that what matters before God, are those who do practice his Word.

Sometimes, circumstances in our life, create fear in us, and our faith in God, and his Word for protection of our lives, vanishes. That is why the Word of God commands us to meditate on it, day and night, and to keep the Word of God, in front of our eyes, and not to forget it. The more we look to circumstances in our live, the more fear we get, and the less faith we have. The more we keep the Word of God in our hearts, instead of dwelling on thoughts from our circumstances, the more faith we will have, and the more we can conquer our circumstances. We either become victims of our circumstances, or victors over them, and all that depends, on how much we believe what God has said, in his Word.

Train Wives to Love Husbands

The relationship of a wife and husband in this world, is more based on how they feel for one another, if they feel romantic, if they feel in love or not. Once the feelings of love become less, and there is no anymore a feeling of love, they say to their spouse, “I do not love you anymore.” 

But for us Christians, that is a different story. You see, God has commanded us to love each other. That in itself indicates, that no matter how we feel about somebody, we must love them. Now, there are different types of love, and in the Greek New Testament, there are different original Greek words used, to describe. For example, there is the ‘phileo’ love and the ‘agape’ love, but they are different. One is more to do with feelings, and the other is more to do with action. 

In Titus 2:4, it says that older women, should train the younger women, to love their husbands. But what if the young woman says, that she does not feel love anymore, for her husband. Well, it does not matter, because if she and her husbands are Christians, then they are commanded by God, to love each other. Although the word ‘agape’ is not used in the original Greek text for Titus 2:4, the principle of the older women training the young women to love their husbands, still remain, regardless of how those young women, feel about their husbands. 

It is like the command from Jesus, for us Christians, to love each other. I am sure that God did not mean that we should feel love for each other, because our feelings of love, are not the basis of our faith, but the Word of God is. We are commanded to love each other as Christians, and God does not care how we feel about each other. God did not say that we should love one another, if we feel so, but if we do not feel love for one another, then can not be loving towards each other. No, God commanded us to love each other. In the same way, God has commanded that husbands love their wives. That is a command, and it does not matter, if the husband feels loving toward his wife. He is still commanded to love his wife by God, and that command is much to do with what the husband does, than to do with how the husband feels.

Do Not Love the World

When we read 1 John 2:15-17, we are commanded by God, not to love the world. Now, what does that mean, and how can we not love the world, in which we are created to live in?

When God commands us not to love the world, he does not mean not loving the nature, the animals, or other things, which are the creation of God. Just the opposite. God wants us to enjoy the nature, and being with animals, because he put the animals and nature, to be with the first man Adam, from the very beginning.

When God commands us not to love the world, he means all those sinful things happening in the world, through people who do not know Christ, and who rebel against God, and what he has commanded.

In 1 John 2:16, the Bible mentions three things, and those three things, are the ones, which God has commanded us, not to love. What are they? The are the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (NIV).

The lust of the eyes could be the fact, that our eyes, never have enough to look at. We want always to look for more, to see more. Now, there are good things in this world, which our eyes long to look at, but there are also bad things in this world, which are in conflict with heaven, and please only hell. Those are the things God does not want us to look at. Why, because our eyes are the windows of our soul, and what we see, enters our soul, and becomes part of our memory and mind. Jesus said that when our eyes are healthy, our whole body is full with light – Luke 11:34. God wants us to look more, at the things that will build us up in his ways, and one of the way those things get into us, is trough our eyes. May the Holy Spirit help us to look at the right things daily, because if he does not help us, we will definitely look sometimes, at the wrong things, and possibly even fall into the temptation of doing the wrong things.

The lust of the flesh, are the many things, our flesh desires, and the many things, our sinful nature in us desires to accomplish too. Even as Christians, we struggle everyday, against the our flesh, and the sinful nature in it. Apostle Paul says in Romans chapter 7, that nothing good lives in our bodies and that he sees another law, the work of the sinful nature in his body, which makes him to do the things, he does not want to do, that is sin. We are between the desires of the Holy Spirit who lives in us as Christians, and the sinful nature living in our bodies, and we desire to do what the Holy Spirit wants, but the lust of the flesh, that is the lust of our sinful nature in our bodies, wants us to sin, and do the wrong things, so we are in a battle very day, with the option to chose what the Holy Spirit in us wants, or what the sinful nature in us wants. The choice is ours.

And the pride of life. What is that? Well, that is being proud, with the status we have achieved in life. For example, if I have made millions of dollars, through my business, most people out there in the world, would consider me successful, influential and intelligent. And if I am a beggar on the street, most people in the world, would consider me a failure. Now read James chapter 2, and see what God says about that. God has a different way of looking at our success, which is 100% different, from what most people out in the world, consider to be a success. God looks at success, with its eternal values, but men of this wold, look at success, only with its earthly values. What people in this world, consider a success, is a failure in the eyes of God, and what God considers as success in the life of man, is failure in the eyes of the world.

The Word of God is Living and Active

We as Christians, in our daily devotionals, read the Word of God, and meditate on it. We do it, first of all, because Jesus said that man shall not live with bread alone, but with every word, that proceeds from the mouth of God.

You see, our bodies need feeding every day, in order to live and grow. Our spirit and our soul, also need the food from heaven, in order to live and grow in the things of God. The only way we can overcome things in this messed up world, is by our faith, because the Bible says that we have overcome the world, by our faith. But our faith, can not be strong enough, to overcome the things in this world, which are going against the will of God, if our soul and spirit, are not fed and strengthened, by the Word of God.

The Bible says in Hebrews 4:12, that the Word of God is living and active, separating soul and spirit, and judging the attitudes and thoughts of the heart. Now notice, it says the thoughts and the attitudes of the heart, not of the mind. That is important! Why? Because Christianity is first of all, a matter of the heart. With the heart we believe in God, and our heart or spirit, is born again, not our mind. Out connection with heaven, is first of all in our heart, and not our mind, because the Holy Spirit, is in our hearts, according to the Scriptures.

The Word of God is living and active, but unless it is in our hearts, how can it be living and acting in us? We have to make sure, that we get the Word of God in our hearts, so that it can be living and active inside of our hearts, or our born again spirit. But how do we get the Word of God to be in our hearts? First of all, we transform our minds, with the Word of God, just as Romans 12:1, 2 says. Then when we transform our minds regularly, with reading the Word of God, eventually, the Word of God, will be in our hearts too. But it first enters in us, through our hearts.

Once the Word of God gets into our hearts, then because it is living and active, it will first of all, judge our thoughts and attitudes, in order to make our hearts and minds, to align more with heaven. The more of the Word of God we have in our hearts, the more living and active it will be inside of us, and the more living and acting it will be in our lives too.

Jesus said that the mouth speaks what the heart is full with. The more of the Word of God we store in our hearts, the more of the Word of God will come out of our mouth, in our daily conversations. And vice versa. The the less of the Word of God we store in our hearts, the more of this world, will come of our mouths, and that would definitely not be living and active, but will be burning and dying.

The more of the Word of God in us, the more God can use that Word, and do miracles in our lives. God always uses our faith in his Word, to do a miracle. He just does not do a miracle, independent of our faith in his Word. That is why he gave us his Word on the first place, so that we believe in it. and by believing in it, it will be more living and acting in us, and through us, for his glory, and for our and other people’s blessing.

Love Builds Up Knowledge Puffs Up

1 Corinthians 8:1

​These days and age, what most people in the world consider to be one of the most important thing in life, is to have more knowledge. Knowing how to use Information Technology products like smart phones, tablets, computers and the Internet, is valued highly, in today’s world. Nearly everyone wants to progress and grow in their knowledge and advancement, in the world of technology. But what is getting cold in this world, is the love among people. 

Jesus said, that because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most, will grow cold. The world out there, and the people of this world, do not care these days too much, to grow in love, and that is mainly because they do not have the love of God, shed in their hearts, by the Holy Spirit, because they are not born again. Therefore, many people in the world, do not consider growing in love towards others, a valuable or important thing. But for us as Christians, to grow in love must be the highest priority, and even more than growing in knowledge. 

We can grow in love towards God and towards people, and we can grow in knowledge towards God, and towards the things in this world, like Information Technology for example. The Bible clearly states that growing in knowledge puffs up, but growing in love builds up. I believe that relates to, or is similar to, when we talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our life, being manifested, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit, in our life. You see, we are commanded in the Bible to love God and to love people, which fulfil the whole Law of God. I believe we are to follow love, and desire the spiritual gifts. We need both, in our life, and that is why God made it to be written in his Word, about them. 

There are many people in this world, Christians, and Theologians, who know a lot about God. But the question is, do they grow in love towards God, and towards people. That is the important thing, at which heaven is looking, and longing to grow in our life. And that is why Apostle Paul said, that if he does not have love, he is nothing. 

You can have plenty of knowledge about God, and about Information Technology, but if you do not have love, you and not only you but me too, we are on a lower level of a spiritual growth, than a person who really grows in love towards God and people, but does not have a lot of knowledge about God or IT.

We can become proud with our knowledge about God, and about Theology, but how can we become proud, if we have love for God and people. Knowledge about is necessary and important, and it can help us grow in our love towards God and people, but knowledge about God on its own, can cause us to be proud, just because of having all that knowledge about God. On the other hand, what God is looking for, is if we love him on a daily basis, and if we love the people he created in his image, as he has commanded us.

That is why Jesus commanded us to love each other. And that is why Apostle John said that the person who love their neighbour or brother, knows God, but the person who hates their brother, and does not love their brother, does not know God. We can have all the knowledge about God, but still hate our brother, and not love people. All that knowledge would be in vain, if there is no love.

If You Really Trust God You Can Sleep

The person who really trusts God about his protection and deliverance from trouble, is able to relax, and go to bed. What is the proof that a Christian really trusts in God, for his protection and deliverance from trouble? The proof is if that Christian, is able to sleep during the night. 

When we read the book of Acts chapter 12, and verses from 1 to 11, we can see, that Apostle Peter, was captured by king Herod, and was put in prison. Now, the reason Herod did that, is because he had started to persecute some Christians, and he even killed James, the brother of John. Therefore, he also decided to find Peter, and shut him in prison. 

When we read what actually happened to Peter, while he was put in prison, we will find him relaxing, and going to bed, to sleep. What is important for us to notice here, is that Peter surely knew, that king Herod, was persecuting Christians, and that he even killed James, the brother of John. Now, just knowing that fact, would be enough for Apostle Peter, to start worry and be gripped with anxiety, about his own safety and about his life. Peter probably thought, that if Herod killed James, the brother of John, he could kill him too, in order to please the Jews. 

But what we find when we read Acts 12:1-11, is that Peter instead of worrying and being anxious about being killed by Herod, decided to go to bed. Now, that I believe, is a complete trust in God. I believe that Peter perhaps even did not care about his life anymore, but believed that whatever happened to him, if he was killed by Herod, he would go to heaven, but if he was not killed, he would continue to preach the Gospel, and that is what all mattered to Peter, at that time in prison.

​Remember that Peter, was scared for losing his own life, when he denied Jesus three times, and was trying to pretend, that he did not know Jesus. Peter did that, because he was worried that the Jews could crucify him too, just like his master Jesus was. But that was before the day of Pentecost, or before the day after the resurrection of Jesus, when the Apostles were filled and baptised, with the Holy Spirit. Since the baptism of the Holy Spirit, on the day of Pentecost, Peter has become a different man, bold and courageous, by the Holy Spirit in him, and that is what made him not worry about losing his life, anymore. 

Could you as a Christian, be able to sleep, if you were put in prison, and if you knew that you could be killed, because of your faith in Christ? Peter did, and the proof that he was completely trusting God, no matter what happened to him, is in the fact, that he went to bed, and was sound asleep. And that is when God sent an angel, which took him out of prison, in a miraculous way. 

Faith and trust in God, will bring peace and a sound sleep to a Christian, even in the time of persecution, just like Peter was. But a lack of faith or trust of God, for his protection and deliverance, will bring plenty or worry and anxiety, and inability to sleep, and have a sweet dreams.

How And What Should We Pray For

Sometimes, we as Christians can be wondering, what should we pray for, or for who we shall pray for. But the Bible has shown us clearly, what and for who we shall pray. 

If we look at 1 Timothy 2:1-3, we can see that Apostle Paul is giving us divine instructions, about who shall we pray for, and what shall we pray. Paul urges believers, to have petitions to God, and to pray for believers, that is for other Christians, and also, for people in authority. He also mentions intercessions and thanksgiving. Also, Paul says that we should pray for those things, first of all. Now that means we have to put those things on the top priority in our prayer, when we pray to God.

Well, that includes some of the main things, for which a Christians should pray for. Let us look at each one of those instructions. 

Petitions and prayers, to be made for all people. Now, it does not say that we should pray for Christians only, but it says for all people. What does the word ‘all’ mean? Well, it means all, and that includes non believers and Christians. Petitions and prayers for them means we can pray what we want to pray for them, whatever the need they have is. We can pray for Christians that they will know God better, and come closer to God, and have strong faith in the Word of God, and we can pray other things about Christians. 

But it also says, that we should pray an intercession type of prayer, when we intercede for certain individuals before God, on their behalf. One example of intercession, is when we as Christians pray for another Christian, to be healed from a disease. We ask God to heal them, and in that sense we intercede for them, before God. 

And thanksgiving is also mentioned by Paul. Well, I would suggest that every time we pray a petition or intercession types of prayers, we should finish our prayers, with thanksgiving. Thanking God for answering our prayers, at the end of our prayers, shows God, and demonstrates to God, that we really believe, that he has answered our prayer. If we do not really believe, that God has answered our prayers, I do not think, that we will really thank him for the answer. If you do not believe that God is going to answer your prayer, then I do not think that you will thank him for the answer of your prayer.

You thank God for the answer of your prayer, only if you believe that he has answered your prayer. Simple like that! And of course, we can give God thanks, not only for answering our prayer, but for million other things, like what God gives us in our life, either as a spiritual or material blessings, and for many other things.

And another prayer is that one, for people in authority. Paul says that if we pray for people in authority, like praying for the government of our country, that would result in us, living a peaceful life. What more we need these days, with all those Covid 19 havoc creating days, than having a peaceful life. The whole world is messed up, so we really need a peaceful life. And that life is possible, we if pray for authorities. What shall we pray for the people in the government? Well, one think we could pray, is that God will grant them wisdom, in order to make good and proper decisions, for the glory of God, and for the blessing of the people of that country.

Even If Does Not Make Sense Do It

​Have you been is a situation, where God shows or reveals to you, that he wants you to do something specific, but for you personally, it does not make sense at ll? I do not know about you, but I have.

Many of the thing God will do in your life as a Christian, will not make sense to you, but yet there are there, done by the Almighty God, in a supernatural way. You see, the spiritual realm has different dimensions and laws, which differ from the physical realm and dimensions we live here on earth. Not wonder God said in his Word, that his thoughts are not like our thoughts. Of course they are not, and I am so happy that we can know the thoughts of God, as recorded in his Word, which are perfect, and without anything less than purity, holiness and perfection.

When you read the Bible, Old Testament or New, you can see so many times, when God was doing something, and it did not make sense to the people around, watching the miraculous from God. One such example is just before Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, when one of the sisters of Lazarus, went to Jesus, and told him that Lazarus has been already in the grave for a few days. But Jesus told her, that if she believes, she will see the glory of God.

Jesus wants the same from us today, to just believe, and not rationalise what he is doing. We can not understand many things about God and what he is doing, so we will be losing our time and effort, to try to do so.

Think about the situation with Jesus and his disciples, after the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. He appeared to them, and told them to put their nets, on the right side of the boat, in order to catch fish, as recorded in the Gospel of John 21:6. Now, Peter and John, and some of the other disciples of Jesus, were professional fishermen, who tried to catch fish, whole night, and they did not catch any. And here is Jesus, telling them in the morning, to put their nets on the right side of the boat. I can imagine Apostle Peter scratching his head thinking, ‘Why does Jesus asks us to put the net on the right side of the boat? What does it matter, if we put the net on the left side of the boat or on the right? Is that what makes one to catch fish? Why on the right side? It does not make sense!’ But yet, they did as Jesus told them to do, and they had a miracle in their boat, having nets full with fish.

So, what matters is that, when God gives you any instructions, even if they do not make sense, do not question them, or try to explain them, because most of the time, you will not be able to. Instead, simply believe, with faith, and do what he tells you to do. That is the fist step, of seeing a miracle from God.

If You Are Sick Do Not Despair

We tend to think, that if some Christian is an anointed man of God, and God heals people through him, then he can not get sick. But, that kind of an idea, is far from the truth.

A person can be mightily used by God, and even have a healing ministry, but that does not guarantee, that he can not get sick. God has provided and guaranteed our healing, but he has not guaranteed Christians being unable to get sick. Why am I asserting that? Because of the man, who wrote most of the New Testament, Apostle Paul.

If we read in Galatians 4:13, 14, we can see, that even Apostle Paul was at one time sick, while he preached the Gospel, to the Galatian people. And it is written, that the people in Galatia, to whom Paul preached the gospel, did not treat him with contempt, because of his illness. Now that is a very important principle, for us Christians to know, that if we see a Christian sick, we should not think that he does not have enough faith, to be healed, or treat him with a scorn, just like the Galatian people, who did not treat with scorn, Apostle Paul, because of his illness.

If Apostle Paul was sick, for whatever reason, does it mean, that he did not have enough faith? No, I do not think so, because Paul was one of the followers of Jesus, who was used to see God heal people, when he prayed for them. Paul definitely had strong faith in God, for healing people by prayer, but we do not know for sure, why exactly, he was sick, while preaching the Gospel, at the same time. 

So, if we as Christians get sick, we should not give hope, that God will heal us, and it does not mean, that we do not have enough faith, to be healed. Sometimes, we do not know exactly, why some people do not get healed, even if they display a great faith for their healing, and even if they are mightily used by God. But that does not mean, that they should not continue to have faith and hope in God, for their healing, because our healing for us as Christians, has been already provided for us by God, by the death of Jesus on the cross, and by his resurrection from the grave. All we have to do, is just accept our healing by faith, and thank God for our healing, because by the wounds of Jesus, we have been healed, just as the Bible says so!

Reasons Why God Will Help You

You have to have a confidence in God, and believe him, in order to be like king David, who entirely relied on his God, to help him, in his troubles. 

When you read the Psalms, you will find in many places, that king David, always went to God for help, in whatever trouble he was facing. He had that trust and confidence in his God, that God will help him and protect him. I mean, think about it. King David was involved in battles, on the battle field, where he could easily be killed. And that was not only once or twice, but many times, while he was a king. And yet, he trusted in God for protection, and God protected him. 

When you read Psalm 25:15, 16, 17, you can see, that king David, was suffering, and was in anguish, for whatever reason, and very often as you can read in the Psalms, the reason was his enemies. King David, was the man after God’s heart, as the Bible says, yet, he was many times in trouble and anguish. You may be thinking, well, how can king David, be a man after God’s own heart, and yet, suffer and be in anguish, so many times? Well, yes, he was a man after God’s own heart, and God delivered him from all sorts of troubles and suffering, but God did not prevent king David, having troubles. It is obvious that king David had troubles and suffered a lot, as you read through the Psalms, and in the Old Testament. But God delivered him, and helped him, in all those troubles. 

So we as Christians, have a promise from Jesus too, that we will troubles in this world. That is one of the promises of God for us, and we like it or not. But yet, Jesus also said, that he has overcome the world, and he expects us, to do the same, with his help, and for his glory. Read John 16:33.

Going back to king David, in Psalm 25:15, 16, 17, he was asking God, to release him from his anguish and his troubles of his heart. King David, the man after God’s own heart, often felt squeezed and pressed, from various directions in his life, which made him feel alone, in anguish, helpless, afflicted and fearful. Do you find yourself in a similar situations sometimes? Do not despair. There is hope for you!

Whenever you feel lonely, call on him, who is always with you, and promised to never forsake or leave you! Whenever you are full of fear, call to God to help you and release you from fear, just like king David did, and just as it is written, in Psalm 34. When you are in depression of despair, come to Jesus, who promised to leave his joy in us. 

Whatever ails you, come to God, because his hand is not too short to deliver, and comfort you in trouble. He has the answer, before you even had the problem. But he is not going to just pour out his answer to you, unless you come to him, and show and prove by your actions, that you are in trouble, even though, he knows it anyway. He just wants you to come to him, and pour out your heart, not because he does not know what is in your heart, because he does, but because he wants to see your willingness to come to him for help, and expressing your trust and believe in him, for delivering you, from your trouble. 

How Can God Love Them and Be Angry with Them?

It is interesting to notice, that the Bible very clearly says, that God loves people in this world, that is people who do not believe in him, and are not Christians, and yet, the Bible also says that, the people who do not have Jesus in their life, or in other words, do not believe in Jesus, God’s wrath remains on them. Read John 3:16, 36.

At the first reading of those texts in the Bible, it seem like a contradiction, but it is not, and never can be! Think about this way. An earthly father, loves his children very much, regardless of what they do or not do. But, when those children do the wrong things, their fathers can be angry with them, and even punish them. The fact that their fathers punish them, does not mean that they do not love their children, but they want their children, to do the right things.

So it is similar with people in this world, who do not believe in Jesus, and do not serve the Lord. God loves them very much, but because they do the wrong thing by rejecting Jesus, the wrath of God remains on them. And yet, it does not mean at all, that God does not love them, because he does, and is longing for them to be saved.

Also, Apostle Paul also mentions in the New Testament, that God disciplines us, for our own good, so that we can share in his holiness. Now, a discipline is never pleasant but painful, and yet, when God is not pleased with us, because we have done something wrong, he still loves us, regardless of what we have done. 

It is like God is saying to people in this world, who do not believe in him, and reject him that he is angry with them, for living in rebellion and sin before him, but he still loves them, and wants them to be saved, and to come to his family of believers, and be his dear children in Christ. 

So, there is not a contradiction in the Bible about God loving the people in this world, and yet his wrath remains on them, when they reject Jesus Christ, and do not give their live to follow God, and do what he wants them to do. 

God Has Not Forgotten Your Suffering

You may wonder sometimes, if God has forgotten or does care about your suffering and pain. If you have suffered for while, and you have been in pain, either emotionally or physically, and have not seen relief yet, it does not mean that God does not care for you, or that he has forgotten or does not pay attention to your suffering. 

How many good fathers are there, who will not care or pay attention to the suffering of their children? Not many! And why is that, that there are some Christians, who tend to think, that when they are suffering or in pain, God has forgotten them, or does not care about their suffering. Let me tell you, that it is a lie straight from hell. The enemy of your soul, will want you to believe, that God does not care for your suffering, and does not pay attention, to your pain. 

In Psalm 22:24 the NLT New Living Translation, says that God has not ignored the suffering, and has not turned his back to the afflicted person. And that person includes you, if you follow God, believe in him, trust him, and want to obey him. 

And it is not only in Psalm 22:24, that the Bible shows us that God really cares for us. And he said that we should cast all our anxieties on him, and that includes our suffering and pain. Because, what are some Christians anxious about sometimes? Is it not sometimes about health issues, and sickness? Of course that is. 

If you suffer in persecution for your faith in God, and you want to be free from persecution, then God can deliver you from persecution for your faith in him, but sometimes, he will not deliver you from being persecuted for your faith in Jesus Christ, but will give you enough grace and strength, so that you can endure that persecution, for your faith in him. 

Read the book of Revelation 2:10. After you read it, you can see very clearly, that Jesus says some who are addressed in Revelation 2:10, will be put in prison for 10 days, because of their faith, so that they could be tested. Now, you can maybe ask yourself, why does not God deliver them from persecution and suffering? Well, we do not know why, but that is what is written in the Bible. God could deliver them if he wanted, but he let them or their faith in Jesus, be tested, by letting them be persecuted for 10 days. 

But nevertheless, the pain of the child, is also the pain of the father. God just does not look from heaven at your pain and suffering, and wonder if he is going to deliver you or not. His will is always to take care of your suffering, and to wipe every tear away from your face, just as it says that he will, in the Book of Revelation. How could God want to wipe every tear away from your face, and yet, not want to deliver you from pain and suffering? Of course he does, and he will. Just believe that it will happen for you too, personally.

If You Are a Christian You Are at War

Are you a born again Christian? Then you are at war, like it or not!

Once you become born again from heaven, that is, born again from the Holy Spirit, you are transferred from the kingdom of darkness, to the kingdom of light. For that reason alone, you have become an enemy of the devil. He does not like the truth and the fact, that because you are born again from the Holy Spirit now, you belong to God, and you do not belong to the god of this world, anymore. 

Before you were born again, or before you became a Christian, you belonged to the enemy of your soul, the devil, because the Bible says that he is the god of this world. Without God and his Holy Spirit in your heart, you belonged to the spirit of Antichrist, which is the spirit influencing and dwelling in the hearts of many people in this world, who are not Christians, and who do not have Jesus Christ dwelling in their hearts. 

When you were still in the kingdom of darkness, before you became born again, the devil could use you for his own purposes and wishes. But now, because you are a born again child of God, and you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in your heart, he can not touch you, as written in one of the Epistles of John, in the New Testament. Therefore, because Jesus Christ lives in your heart and is Lord of your life, you have automatically become an enemy of the devil, and you have overcome him, by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, shed on the cross for your sins, and by your testimony about Jesus, as written in the book of Revelation. 

Before you were born again, the devil had victory over you and your life, because you were living in his kingdom, the kingdom of darkness. After you have become born again, you have overcome the devil, and you have the power and authority to command him in the name of Jesus, to leave your life, or the lives of other people, because of what Jesus Christ did for you and me, by his death on the cross, and by his resurrection from the death. As it says in the book of Acts, Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, and he destroyed them completely, glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for that! Amen!

But although the devil is defeated enemy, because Jesus Christ destroyed his works on earth by his death on the cross for our sins and his resurrections from the death, the devil still tries from time to time to fight Christians in various ways, because the Bible says that he is like roaring lion, going around the world, looking for someone to devour. And that was written for Christians. 

In the book of Revelation, chapter 12 and verse 17, it says that the dragon, which is the devil, went to wage war against Christians, those who keep God’s commands. From that verse alone, you can see that the enemy of our soul, is still trying to fight Christians, in one way or another. But the only way the enemy can defeat a Christian in a certain way, is when a Christian falls into temptation to do certain sin, not because a Christian wants to sin, but because of difficult or pressing situations, or because of giving in to the sinful nature living in the body of every Christian, just because, a Christian decides to give in to temptation.

But nevertheless, if a Christian, who has give to temptation and has sinned, if that Christian repents, and seeks God’s forgiveness and mercy, God will forgive that Christian, and will restore him, and most likely help that Christian and train him to try to fight that temptation in the future, so that the Christian will not fall into the same temptation again. But even then, there is no guarantee, that the Christian will not fall in the same temptation in the future again.

We as Christians, although we do not want to sin, we sometimes give in to temptation and sin. But we have the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for our sins, to cleanse us from our sins, when we repent before God. Glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for that! May our God and Father help us not to fall into temptations and sin, in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

Feeling Low and Discouraged? Read This!

Every single day, we are bombarded from all directions with all sorts of shifting bad news. The world is sinking into depression and despair, and most people out there, do not know what is going on, or what will be going on, in the near future. But we as Christians, are not left unaware, of why things are, as they are in the world, or what will happen, in the future, because our God has said in his Word, what will happen, in the last days! We have read the end of the book, the Bible, and we win! Glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for that!

When we read Psalm 116:6-9, we can see someone, who has learned to do the right thing, when they feel down or depressed. The are not continuing to wallow in their depression, but have lifted their eyes up to God, away from all those depressing things, in their lives, and around the world. They have decided to think about the heavenly things, and not about the earthly things, as we are admonished to do, in the Bible.

The person in Psalm 116:6-9, pays attention to their soul state, and and when they find that their heart is sinking in despair, they remind themselves, and their soul, to take a rest. But what is important is to realise, that the reason that person in that Psalm 116 is telling his own soul to take a rest, or to relax in other words, is because that person knows their God, and trusts in him, and his Word. In verses 6 and 7, the psalmist says that God has dealt bountifully with him, and that it is God who has taken away his tears. Do you see that? It is not about what is happening around the psalmist and his life, no. It is about the fact, that God has taken his tears away from him.

The confidence and the comfort of the psalmist in Psalm 116, comes from his trust in God, and his Word. That psalmist knew very well, that no matter what happens in his life, God is always there to help him, and comfort him, and to keep him from stumbling or hurt in his life, in the future.

In the same way, we as Christians, have to trust what Jesus said and promised to us, that if we are burdened, we should come to him, and find rest of our souls. The rest Jesus provides for our souls as his followers, is always there for us, 24/7, but it is up to us to believe that, and to take advantage of that rest, provided from God for us. If we do not take that rest Jesus provides for us with faith, it will not enter our hearts and souls.

We have to receive the rest God provides for our souls, with faith, just as we receive everything else from him, by faith, if that is a spiritual blessing or material. That is why Jesus said in the Gospel of John, that we should not let our hearts be troubled. He is putting the emphasis on us, not to let our hearts be troubled. Only then, we can really experience the peace Jesus provides for us, and the rest he gives us. If we fret, and worry, and are full with anxiety, and not trusting in what God says in his Word for us, how can we have and enjoy the rest which Jesus provides?

Opposition When Doing the Will of God

We as Christians, often think, that if we are doing God’s will, everything will be ‘bed and roses’, because we know that we do God’s will, and his work on earth, so, by default, we often can fall into the trap of thinking, that everything must be good, and must be pleasant, because God is behind it.

But when we look in the Bible, in so many passages, we can see, that it is not the case. There are many examples like Apostle Paul and his team of believers going around Europe, and evangelising, while facing difficulties, beatings and imprisonment. And they were doing God’s will. 

We can often fall into another trap of thinking, that if things do not go well in our life, then that is certainly a sign and a proof, that we are out of God’s will. That is because we think, that if we do God’s will, then surely God must bless us, and our work for him, and everything must be going smooth like a butter. But the reality is often different, than what we thought. 

​Yes, God blesses our work for him, and he blesses us, when we please him, and live according to his will and plan, but that does not mean, that the outside circumstances in our life, will align with the will of God. Just the opposite. Like the case with Apostles Paul, Peter and the other disciples of Jesus, when they were preaching the Gospel, and doing the work of God on earth, they were beaten and imprisoned, and suffered all sorts of trials and tribulations in the circumstances of their life. 

You see, even when we are in the perfect will of God, and do exactly what he wants us to do, and has commanded us to do, there are many people around us, in our life, who will not agree, with that perfect will of God, either because they do not believe in God, or, because although they are Christians, for one reason or another, they will refuse to believe the will of God, for our life personally. The will of God for us personally, is the will of God for us, and not for them, and what God has planned for us, does not mean, that he has planned it for them too. Therefore, we can often see opposition in our life, from other people around us, from the various circumstances of life. 

One of the proof text for that, is found in 1 Thessalonians 2:18. In that passage of Scripture, we can see that Apostle Paul, was trying to do the will of God, and yet, the enemy tried to prevent his, and stop him from doing so, and that for a few times, and not only once. So here, we have Apostle Paul, trying to do the will of God, and yet, he was stopped from doing so, by the enemy. We do not know exactly how the enemy prevented Paul from doing God’s will, by not being able to go, to visit certain believers, but we know, that he did. 

All that means, that Christians could face opposition from the enemy, whenever they try to do God’s will, and they should not be surprised, if they do.

The best think to do, if you are prevented from doing God’s will, is to pray in faith, and ask God, to help you fulfil his plan and will for you, and to remove any blocks and stops, the enemy has placed. Ask God to break and remove any barriers, the enemy has placed in your attempt, to please God and do what he wants you to do.

What I Do Not Want to Do, I Do-Romans 7:15-20

If you think, that it is only you, who struggle with sin as a Christian, you are not, but everyone of us, who is born from heaven, struggles with sin on a daily basis.

When we read Romans 7:15-20, we can see the struggle, Apostle Paul was having with sin. Some people say, that Paul was talking about his past, before he became a Christian, but when you read the verses, you can see plainly, that Paul was not talking in the past tense, but in the present tense. That is because he said that he want to do good, but does not do it, because he does the bad things, which he did not want to do. And also, he said very clearly, that it is not him who wants to do the wrong things, but it is sin in his body, which causes him to do the wrong things. So, even Apostle Paul was struggling with sin, daily. So, we are not very different from him, because we all struggle daily, with sin in our lives.

​If Apostle Paul was struggling like that, so what about us? Of course, we struggle daily too, with trying to do the right things, and often, doing the wrong things, which we do not want to do, as Christians.

Apostle Paul says that he sees another law in his body, working against the Law of God, in his heart. And he says that when he does do the wrong things, it is not him who does it, but sin, or the sinful nature in his body, which does make him to sin.

We also have the sinful nature in our body, and although we are born again from the Holy Spirit, in our spirit, our body is not born again, and remains with the sinful nature in us. So we have always the daily choice of deciding what or who we want to follow, the sinful nature in our bodies, or the Holy Spirit, who is in our born again spirit. It is up to us. Even in the Epistle to the Galatians 5:17, Apostle Paul talks about the struggle in us, between what the Holy Spirit in us, wants us to do, in order to serve and obey God, and what the sinful nature in our bodies, wants to do, in order to cause us, to disobey God.

We can not find it as an excuse, that because we have the sinful nature in our bodies, so we do not have responsibility, if we do the wrong things or not. God has given us his Holy Spirit in us, and the Holy Spirit is the one who helps us, to fight against sin in our life, and to be able to conquer the sinful nature in us. It does not mean that we will never sin, no, we will sin, not because we want, but because, sometimes we fall into temptation, yet the Holy Spirit is in us, to help us do, what God requires.

God has provided us with everything necessary, for us to not do the wrong sinful things in our life, and to conquer the sinful nature in us, by the Holy Spirit in us, by his grace for us, by his Word, but it is up to us, if we want to follow the desire of the Holy Spirit in us, or the desire of the sinful nature in us. If we chose to obey the Holy Spirit in us, and the Word of God, we conquer the sinful nature in us, but if we chose to follow the desires of the sinful nature in us, especially when we are tempted by various circumstances in our life, and by challenging and difficult situation we face, then we will sin.

We as Christians, do want to obey the Holy Spirit in us, and the Word of God, but because of some difficult and challenging situations in our life, we sometimes, give in to temptation, and we sin.

May the Holy Spirit in us, help us to do always what he desires from us to do, so that we can live more for the glory of God, and for his Kingdom on earth.

Now You Can Have Your Healing

God does not care, where you come from, what you past has been, or what you have done in the past, in order to heal you! He does not heal you because you are from America, Europe, Asia or any country in the world. He does not heal you, because you are a good or bad person, according to your own estimation! No, He heals you, because of only one and only one reason, because of what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross, and by his resurrection which we believe! That is it! Our healing is already provided for us from God the Father, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave!

When we read Luke 7:1-10, we can see that Jesus healed the servant of certain man, the Centurion. Now, that man was not even a Jew himself, but was one of the enemies of the Jews, the Romans who occupied their own country. And yet, Jesus healed his servant. Based on what? Was it because that Centurion build the Jews a Synagogue? I doubt it.

There was only one reason, why Jesus decided to heal the servant of that Centurion, and that reason was the faith of the Centurion, about which even the Son of God marvelled and commented about. Faith in the heart of the Centurion about what Jesus said and did, was what caused Jesus to perform the miracle.

Jesus could easily say to him that he can not heal his servant, because he was not even a Jew, but a gentile, a Roman pagan, who was a soldier, with the possible background of killing people, on the battle field, and as a Roman soldier, being ready to obey any command from Cesar, his king in Rome, even if that meant, killing or hurting the Jews, in a certain way. And yet, Jesus overlooked all the background of that Roman Centurion, and everything to do with his background, as a Roman soldier, an enemy of the Jews by law, and healed his servant. It is amazing that Jesus was amazed by the faith of a such a man like the Roman Centurion.

You maybe thinking, that you do not deserve Jesus to heal you, because of what you have done in the past, or because people have labeled you, as bad person, or because some people said, that you are not worthy or you do not deserve to be healed. Forget about all that crap! Just look at what mercy and how much grace Jesus had for this pagan, a Roman soldier, considering only his faith, and nothing else. Jesus was like ‘closing his eyes’ to the background of the Roman Centurion, and was interested only in his faith.

That is all that Jesus is interested in order to heal you too! Your own faith in him, and his Word! That is it! He will also ‘close his eyes’ to all your background, where you come from, what you have done in the past, and will heal you, grabbing the little faith you have in him, in order to grant you healing, which was provided for you on the cross, long time ago anyway. Just grab it by faith and thank him, and give him glory!

A Startling Fact About How to Be Helped in Your Suffering

From the very beginning of creating this world, people all over the world, have been facing all sorts of suffering. And people have always questioned and wondered, if there was God in heaven, does he care about the suffering they are in.

But also, from the very beginning of the creation of the world, God has not left people to figure out on their own, how to sort out, or get rid, of their suffering, but has been concerned about them, and the pain they have been passing through. For that reason, you can be certain, that God is concerned about your suffering, and the situation you find yourself in!

Just look at Psalm 107:41. It says that God raises the up the afflicted. Are you afflicted? Then pay attention, because you are the one of those people, God wants to raise up, above and over your afflicting or difficult situation, because that very verse 41 says, that God raises the righteous people out of their affliction.

If you are one of his children, and you believe in Jesus Christ and follow him, then according to God, you are righteous, and he wants to raise you up, from your affliction too!

Perhaps you find yourself, in a difficult challenging situation, and you continue in your suffering, day after day, but bear in mind, you can be sure, that is not the will or the desire of God for you!

Some Christians tend to think, that God causes suffering in their life, or gives them illness, in order to teach them something. What a crap! What an absurd believe which comes straight from hell itself! God never gives pain or suffering to his dear children, for whom he was ever willing to give his own son Jesus Christ, to suffer on the cross for their sins! No, God will never give you illness in order to teach you whatever! The only desire God has, is to heal you, and to deliver you from suffering! That is it! Just look from the first book of the Bible, to the last, and you will never find one single example which shows, that God gives illness to people, in order to teach them something, or that God wants his children, his beloved followers to suffer!

There is only one person in the entire heaven and earth, who wants you to suffer or be sick, and that is the devil himself, because Jesus said that the enemy has come to kill, still and destroy! But Jesus also said, that he has come, to give us life in abundance! How can the one, who came to give us life in abundance, will also be willing that we suffer? Impossible! You can not live a life in abundance, if you are suffering or sick! What kind of abundance we find in sickness but just pain and suffering.

No, God who is the source of every blessing, wants you blessed too!

Want to Reduce Your Pain and Suffering? Read This!

Do you find yourself, in the middle of a challenging situation in your life, where you are in pain or type of suffering, but do not know what to do, and do not know how to end it?

Never forget! When Jesus said that he will be with us always, that includes he being with us, in our good times, and our bad times, when we are laughing, or when we are suffering. In a matter of fact, the Word of God says in Psalm 145:14 that God will uphold those who fall down. That is, those who are either depressed, or suffering in any way, or are in pain. Depression, suffering and pain, makes us feel down and in low mood, but God and his Word, do not depend, and are not influenced by our mood. The Word of God, can change any type of mood, if it is connected with faith, in the person with the low mood or depression.

In Psalm 73:26, it says that we can suffer either in our body, or in our soul, but it also says, that God is the strength of our heart. What does that mean? Well, it means, that when your heart is depressed because of whatever situation in your life, God will be always there, to provide his strength and comfort for you, to deliver you from your depression and suffering.

And, if your body is suffering, because of disease, or other causes, even then, God can give strength in your hear or spirit, in order to help you fight and overcome that pain in your body. The Bible clearly says that laughter is like medicine, and that applies to our bodies as well, because, if your spirit or soul, is strengthened from heaven, from the Spirit of God in you, that can provide you with the strength, to face your suffering and challenge better. Just like Jesus was strengthened from heaven, when he was in the garden of Gethsemane and was in a great anguish, just before his crucifixion. 

In Psalm 73:26, God shows you, and wants you to know, that no matter how many times your heart or soul, may be in anguish or depression, and no matter, how many times your body suffers, because of disease or anything else, God is always there for you, to provide you with strength, so that the pain in your body or soul, can be reduced or completely eliminated by him. Want a proof?

Well, look at all the Gospels, and see what a great part of what Jesus was doing, was exactly that! To set prisoners free, and to bring light to those in darkness. Jesus was delivering people from pain, suffering and illness, all the time. He was constantly healing, wherever he went. That shows you and me, that he really cares about our suffering and pain! And not just cares, he wants to remove it too. Jesus is not only sympathetic with our suffering, no, he cares enough in order to reduce or completely eliminate it. 

Abundant Grace and Peace? But How? 2 Peter 1:2

God has abundant grace and peace, for every born again Christian, but there is something a Christian has to do, in order to have them abundantly.

God does not just load us with his grace and peace, regardless of what we think or do.

That is why, In 2 Peter 1:2, it says that we can have the abundant grace and peace from God, if we have knowledge of God. That is, if we know God personally, and have both, knowing God, and knowing about God.

You see, it is not enough for us to only know about God, or only to know God in a personal relationship. We need both.

If we emphasise only having personal relationship with God, but not knowing about God, then we will have zeal for God, but without enough knowledge. Ofcourse, we can never have enough knowledge about God, but we can have more knowledge about him.

For example, studying Theology, can help us know more about God. But experiencing God’s presence and love personally, in our relationship with him, is knowing God personally, and in a closer way, even if we do not know too much about God.

God has lavished on us his grace and peace abundantly, because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, and because of his resurrection, but we are the ones, who have to receive them with faith, just as we have received our salvation by faith. Salvation is given by the grace of God, to everyone who believes, but everyone has to receive it by grace, or otherwise, they will never be saved.

So, I believe that it is the reason, why Apostle Peter says in 2 Peter 1:2, that we have the grace and peace of God, by our knowledge of him. The NLT New Living Translation actually says that we will have the grace and peace of God, as we grow in our knowledge of God. The more we know God, and about God, the more can we receive his grace and peace in abundance.

The Difference Between Hope and Faith

We have hope, and we have faith, at the same time, but, they are not the same! They are different!

Faith, is everything to do with now. Faith receives now. Faith does not hope, and is not going to receive in the future. No! Faith receives now! Read Mark 11:22-24.

But hope, does not receive now! If hope receives now, it would not be hope anymore, but it will be faith. Hope is what we are expecting to happen or receive in the future. When in the future? Well, whenever in the future. It does not matter! What matters is, that we wait to receive from God, in the future. 

Faith can not, and should not take the place of hope in our hearts, and hope, can not and should not take the place of faith in our hearts either. Each of them, has its own role and part to play, and each of them, is vital and important, otherwise, the Word of God would not say, that those three remain, faith, hope and love, in 1 Corinthians 13:13.

We need often, to be patient and to wait, to receive from God, what we asked of him, in either our faith, or in our hope. With faith, once we ask from God for something, and then we thank him for the answer that he has gives us already, what we have asked of him, even if we do not see it yet, with our physical eyes. But we believe that he has already given us the answer of our prayer, in the spiritual realm. So, we need to exercise patience, until the answer of our prayer appears in the physical realm. 

But with hope, although we need to be patient for the answer of our prayers from God, we still hope for the future, that one day in the future, God will give us or do something for us, what we have asked of him, but that will happen in the future. We do not have the answer of our prayer now, as we do with faith, but we hope, that we will receive from God, sometime in the future. Read Romans 8:24, 25.

That is the difference between faith and hope, and we need both, because each one, will fulfil its own purpose in our life, as God has determined.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Being Anxious

Are you anxious today, about some situation in your life? Many people there are!

This world and what is happening in it, has plenty of reasons for us to be worried and anxious, for millions of things.

The world is going south, in many aspects, from day to day, and it even tries to drag many Christians, in its going south, so if you are not careful, the world and its anxiety causing situations, can make you to feel more anxious, than more at peace, every day.

You have to realise, that God always cares about your anxiety, so much so, that he caused some of his people in the past, to write and put it on paper in his Word, to let you know, that he does care.

God knew from very long time ago, that this world, because of drifting away from him, will cause its own inhabitants, to live in fear, by seeing all the terrible things happening out there. God knew, and God has made sure, that his own people, must be comforted, and not be anxious every day, because of what they see and hear, be it on television, be it on Internet, or the newspapers. God cares. He never designed you to live a life of anxiety and fear, because of the world circumstances, and what happens around.

In so many places in the Bible, God says that he wants to, and will comfort his people, and that is what you and me can take and place in our hearts, as a guard of our souls and hearts, to guard us against anxiety and fear.

In Isaiah 40:1, God says very plainly twice, that he wants to comfort his own people. He did not say it once, but twice! Why? Because he wants you to know, that he will surely comfort you, if you are living in anxiety and worry, and you believe in him, and follow his ways.

Jesus made it very clear in the Gospels too, that in this world we will have trouble, but at the same time he said, that he leaves his own divine peace with us. He knew, that his followers, will suffer many times over, in the future, after his resurrection, all over the world, and he said, that we can have his own peace in us, which passes logic and understanding and reasoning, to guard our hearts and mind in him, and to keep us sane, and not only that, but to overcome the world, just as he did.

Perhaps you have anxiety caused by outside circumstances, but you have him, on the inside. Now, the one who lives in you on the inside, Jesus Christ himself, will fight your anxious circumstances on the outside, so that you can be a victor, and not a victim of circumstances. He thinks that if he overcame the world, his followers, his body the church, should be over-comers in this anxious world. The gates of hell, will try to prevail and make the Church anxious and worried, but they will prevail, according to the world of Jesus.

Jesus does not want you, to be alone, in your own anxiety and worry, but he wants to share it with you, to bear your burden, and to slash that anxiety and worry in peaces, and that is why, he has called us, to cast all our anxiety on him, so that he can deal with it in a much better and superior way, than we do it ourselves. Give it to him, he knows how to deal with it better than you do! Once you do it, you will want to do it again, and again, because you will be able to sleep well, each night, knowing that he is dealing with it.

Do not take your anxiety and worry back to yourself, once you give it and cast it up to heaven to God, but leave it entirely to him, to sort it out, and he will. If you take your anxiety back, once you have cast it to him, you will have to deal with it yourself again, and that means more sleepless nights and worry!

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

What are you worrying about?

Do you find yourself worrying every day for various things in your life?

Do you worry about your needs, having no job, or no money to pay your bills? Or do you worry about your health and a disease which you believe and expect God to heal?

Worry is an enemy which attacks Christian or non Christian. It is a common mental challenge which plagues the lives of many people around the world.

The question is, what can you do about your own worry, so that your life will be less worry-full, and more worth living.

You see, we as Christians are either worryors or warriors. God has commanded us to stop being anxious, and to be soldiers of Christ. He calls us and wants as to behave like soldiers for him, and not like worry wimps.

​He knows that we do not need to worry, even when we do. He wants us to be like Apostle Peter, who was just sleeping and relaxing amount the soldiers guarding him, when he was in prison. Peter was sleeping, and not worrying. How do we know? Well, people who worry too much, can not usually sleep.

Listen, God wants you to stop worrying, and be free from it! Why, because he knows that worry deprives you from trusting in him, and believing him for a miracle in your life. You can not worry about your problem, and believe for a miracle at the same time, because the fact that you worry, shows that you do not belief enough to see the miraculous. People who believe God for a miracle, are confident in him, that he will do it in their life. You can not be confident in God for a miracle, if you worry!

We either believe our circumstances more, or we believe God more. The closer we are to God, and the more we know him, the further we are from our troublesome circumstance in life. And the closer we are to our circumstance, and the more we know about it, and the more it dominates us, the further we are from our trust and faith in God, for delivering us and helping us, in that difficult circumstance. We either believe or worry. The one can ‘kill’ us, and the other can heal us. The choice is entirely ours. God has provided us with everything in his Word, to be warriors for him, instead of ‘worryors’.

As we know in Philippians 4:6, God tells us not to be anxious about anything first, and then the next verse tells us that the peace of God, will guard our heart and minds in Christ Jesus. We have to do our part, not to be anxious, so that we can allow, the peace of God to guard our minds and hearts in Christ. If we are worried most of the time, how can we let the peace of Christ to do what it is supposed to do, in our hearts and minds? If we worry, we do not let the peace of God to rule in our hearts.

Born Again or Bored Again

There are two types of Christians in the world, the born again, and the bored again Christians.

The ones who are born from above, that is from the Holy Spirit, are the born again Christians. The ones who are born from bellow, that is by tradition, religion and the philosophy of this world, are the other types of Christians, they are the ones, born by the flesh.

The ones who are born from above, are the ones who have the living God on the inside of them, and they have the fullness of God in themselves. They are the real, and true Christians, which Jesus cares about, because he lives in them, by his Holy Spirit. They can not be bored, because they have been born from heaven, and nothing in heaven or from heaven, can ever be boring.

​The ones who are born from bellow, that is born by religion, tradition and philosophy, are usually bored, because there is nothing from from heaven in them, since the Holy Spirit does not live in them, and they according to the New Testament, are spiritually dead. Now being spiritually dead is boring, really boring, because the source of life, God himself, does not live in them. They are the Christians, to are such in mind only, but not in heart. Their minds are ‘born again’ by religion and tradition, but their hearts remain dead, because the Holy Spirit, is not in them.

The only true Christians who Jesus would call his own, are those who are a new creation. What is a new creation? Well, that is a human spirit, which has been dead before accepting Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord, separated from God, who is the source of life. But once that person gives their life to Jesus, and accepts him as a Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit comes in the heart or the spirit of that person, and makes it alive, by making it a new creation. The spirit of man becomes born again from the Holy Spirit, and also become one with the Holy Spirit, because whoever is joined to the Lord, is one with him.

​The Christians who are born from bellow, by the flesh, and by religion, tradition or philosophy, are those to whom Jesus will say ‘I never knew you, depart from me, you evil doers’. How could they be born again from heaven, if they are evil doers? You can not be a Christian, and a bank robber at the same time. And how could Jesus tell them that he never knew them, if they were born again from his Holy Spirit, and if he is living in them, being their Lord and Savior. So, obviously, they were never born from above, but what they had, was just religion or philosophy.


God Wants to Help You in Your Suffering

From day to day, just switch on the ‘false prophet’, I mean the TV, and it starts to ‘prophecy’ lies to you. Not just lies, but terror and all sorts of suffering, everywhere. The suffering everywhere, the one of the signs that it is the end times.

But, we as Christians, are not left alone to wallow, in all the misery, that is going around, no! Although God is allowing suffering to take place in many parts of the world, he is not careless about our own suffering, because of various reasons, but he cares about it, just as he has promised in his Word.

Do you find yourself sometimes, in a position of wailing and crying, because your situation is too heard to bear? And what does God think or wants to do about that? What do you think, he wants to do about that?

Well, just look to Psalm 30:11, and you can see that God turned the suffering of king David, into dancing. That is his will for you too! No doubt! God is not a respecter of anyone! Your are his favourite just like any other Christian there is!

If you read about the life of king David, you can see how many times, he was in a serious trouble, and plenty of suffering in his own heart, and yet, the Bible tells us, that he was the man after God’s own heart. So, do not ever think, that just because you feel depressed or worried because of the painful situation you find yourself in, that God does not pay enough attention to you, or is ignoring your own suffering! No, he never does that and never will!

Just look at how so many times in the Bible, God has promised to help people who are suffering and in pain, and he has promised to deliver them. You can start with Psalm 34, because in that Psalm alone, God has promised that the righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him out of them all! Do you see that? Who is the righteous man? Well, me and you if we are in Christ.

Yes, God says in Psalm 34, that you and me can have many troubles, but has promised to deliver us of them all! And that is not just a promise in Psalm 34, but in many other parts of the Word of God! That is what God wants to do, in your own personal situation of pain and suffering!

What are the troubles God will deliver you from? Well, any trouble! God does not categorise your or my own troubles, but as much as that is a trouble in my or your life, he wants to remove it!

Or look at Psalm 147:3. It says that God heals the brokenhearted, and binds their wounds. What does it mean? It means that he wants to heal you from depression, because what else can a broken heart mean, than a depression or sadness, and he wants to heal that condition of your heart, that is your spirit.

So, God is always involved in your suffering, no matter what your needs are, for healing, provision or anything else you need from him, and he wants to help you. Just believe that he does, ask him for help, and thank him that he will do it for you personally, because he cares!


Which One is Right to Believe-The Prosperity Gospel or the Poverty Goose-spell?

Before you start reading this post, please bear in mind, that the author of this post, has struggled with spending money, in the right way before God in the past, and has spend money in small or big amounts in the past, in the wrong way, definitely in a not very appropriate way before God. But the author of this post, also believes, that there is forgiveness from God, for all of us, who spend money in the bad way before God, not as his heart desires. May God help us, to do the right thing financially!

Read Proverbs 30:8. Now, that is a good prayer, which is about a person, asking God, to give him only what he needs, no riches, but no poverty either.

There are many people, who believe, that Christians, must not pray for riches, and ask God to give them millions of dollars. If the reader is one of them, then this prayer in Proverbs 30:8, is a brilliant way, to ask God to give you only what you need.

This prayer is similar to what Jesus told us to pray about our daily need, that is, to ask God the Father, to give us our daily bread.

In both prayers, the emphasis is not riches, and millions in the bank, but about what a person needs.

If you are one of those people, who are concerned, with the Prosperity Gospel, as it is called by so many Christians, than this mode of prayer, to ask God for only what you need, is all you need to ask for.

But, if it is not a problem for you personally, to ask God, to give you riches, and a lot of money and other material blessings, then freely go ahead, and ask him for that too, because the problem before God, is never the amount of money or blessings you have, but what you do with that. That is the main question which you have to ask yourself first, about any money or other blessings in your life.

You see, the problem is never the amount of money or other material blessings you have, in your life! Never! The question is always, what you do with the amount of money that you have.

You can be pleasing God, and he can accept and it could be 100% according to his will, if you have millions of dollars in the bank, and if you have many other material blessings, if, you use them according to God’s will, in a way, that is pleasing to God.

If being rich as a Christian, and having a lot of money and material possessions, was wrong, and was problem according to God, then why did God himself, offer to Solomon riches and prosperity, even when Solomon did not ask for that?

You see, it was not the desire or the request of Solomon, to ask God for money or riches. It was entirely and completely God’s desire and intention from the start, to give to Solomon plenty of money and riches, and to make Solomon, the richest man in the world. So, the prosperity was not an idea coming from Solomon himself, but from God, first of all!

Also, if it was wrong for the people of God, to ask God for riches and a lot of money and other material blessings, why did Abraham was a man rich in gold. Go and read it in the Bible. It says Abraham was a rich man, and that included being rich in gold! Shall we continue?

What about Job? Have you noticed that it say that Job was very rich, and yet, was a man, who was pleasing to God, and God himself said, that there was no other righteous man like Job, who follows God, and obeys what God commands.

The Poverty Gospel was never a Gospel coming from heaven, but is coming straight from hell, from the prince of darkness, who has come to kill, steal and destroy. Steal what? Well, steal what you get from heaven, and that is your money too.

That is where the Poverty Gospel, or shall I call it the Poverty Goose-spell comes from. Poverty is a curse, according to the Word of God, in the Old Testament. How can something which the Word of God says is a curse in the very Word of God, be a blessing to you as a Christian? Poverty was a curse in the Old Testament, given from God to people who disobeyed God. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28.

The other type of Gospel, which is the only true Gospel, which comes from heaven, tells us in the book of Revelation, that the saints who go to heaven, will live in a city made of pure gold, and the main street made of gold.

So, once you change your temporal address here on earth, with your permanent address in heaven which will be your eternal address, you and gold will be inseparable, if you agree with it or not. You will not be able to escape walking on gold, and living in a city build of gold for eternity. That is the Jerusalem in heaven, prepared from God for his saints.

Even Apostle Paul says in the New Testament, that he has learned to live when he has plenty, and when he has little. But what is important is, that he says that he has learned to live with, when he has plenty. What does plenty means? It just means plenty, abundance, and nothing else.

We can sin before God with very little money, and we can sin before God with plenty of money. The question is never the amount of money we have, but what we do with it, that God is concerned about. If you have only $1, but use it for the wrong purpose, then no matter how small the amount, it is still a sin. And, you can have $1 000 000, and use it for the right purpose, and it can still be a blessing and be pleasing to God.

​So, money or the amount of it, is never the problem, but it is always how we use it, that determines if it is a problem, or a blessing.


End of the Rope Financially? God Will Give You One without End

Are you at the end of the rope financially? God will give you another one, without end!

If God cares for every single animal, there is in the world, to feed them, would he not care for you, who are from the chosen generation, and from a royal priesthood? You are made in his image, and no animal is. Would God not take care of your financial situation, if you are the crown of his creation?

Do not be like the disciples of Jesus, who could not see the Provider of everything, right there with them, and were asking, how they could feed the thousands of people, in a isolated place, with no money to buy food for everyone, after Jesus told them to give those thousands of people food, before he multiplied the few fish and bread by a miracle.

Think about the Israelite during the time, they were in the wilderness. God fed them with the bread from heaven, the Manna, and provided them, with water from the rock, as recorded in Psalm 105:40, 41. He cared for them, for 40 years, while they were in the wilderness, to provide for their needs. They did not have income in the wilderness for 40 years, because what could they work, in a wilderness. They did not have social benefits, to rely on. Yet, God miraculously, took care of them.

And now, if you are a born again Christian, you are under a better covenant, because we live under the New Testament now. By accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, you are given the status of being a child of the living God.

I want you to look again, at Hebrew 13:5, even if you know that verse, because, that is one of the clear promises of God Almighty for you, and about the amount of money you have. It says, that you should be content with the amount of money you have.

Now, you may be saying that you have very little money. If that is the case, then it does not matter. It does not matter really how much money you have now, and the reason for that is found in Hebrews 13:5. That is God talking to you personally, regardless of how much money you have now, in your pocket, bank account or wallet!

God says to you very clearly, in Hebrews 13:5, that no matter how much money you have now, he will not leave you or forsake you, but that he is your helper! Do you see that? God does not care how much money you have now, because he is saying, that he will not leave you in need, and that he will not forget that you need money!

That is what it is saying to you! God says in that verse, that he will not leave you in a situation, where you will be a needy person, lacking money or what you need! That is his promise for you personally! Take it, believe it, confess it, receive it by faith, and wait, letting him fulfil his Word, and the promise in his Word, because his Word never fails, but will accomplish what God has spoken it for!


Some Straight Talk About Eliminating Loneliness

Do you struggle with loneliness? Do you feel lonely most of the time?

Even if you do, you must never forget, that if you are a born again Christian, you can not be alone, even if you think you are! Why? Because once you give your life to Jesus, he never leaves you alone! Never, just as he has promised!

Yes, ofcourse you need a human connections too, and that is vital for your well-being, health and life! But never give up hope! Why? Because from the very beginning of the creation of man on earth, God was concerned that Adam was feeling lonely! From the very start! God cared, and God cared so much that Adam felt alone, that he gave him a nap, and created the woman, to be his companion! That was God’s intention and idea, that many should not be alone, and even God himself said very clearly in his Word, that it is not good, for a man to be alone!

Listen, That case with Adam feeling lonely and God being concerned with it so much, that he created another human being to be with him, should show you enough evidence, that God cares for your loneliness, and that God does not want you to be alone, even if now, you are!

When the Bible tells us that God cares for us, and that we should cast all our anxiety to him, that includes your situation of feeling lonely, and being lonely! God cares to resolve and eliminate your loneliness! How? You do not need to know how God will resolve your suffering of loneliness, but continue to believe and trust him, that he will do!

Never give hope that he will take you out of your loneliness, because he knows how much you suffer, because of that, just as much he knew and saw how much Adam was suffering from his loneliness!

Ask God for help, to give you husband or a wife, if you want to get married, or to give you friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ, to be more often in fellowship with them! You will be asking 100% according to God’s will, and the Bible tells us, that if we ask according to God’s will, he listens to us, and we receive what we have asked for!

​The Bible says that if we ask in faith, we receive, not that we may receive, but that we receive what we have asked of him, which is according to his will! So, believe that you have the answer of your prayers, and continue to thank him, everyday for the answer, even if you do not see it, with your physical eyes yet!

And God said in the beginning, that it is not good for man to be alone, and he created Eve, to be companion for Adam, and I am sure, Adam was excited and very happy after that, and never feeling lonely again! That same will happen to you, because you are the beloved child of God, his own treasured possession, for which he cares very much!


Thousands Are Now Healed from Cancer Who Never Thought They Could

Jesus heals today! That is the truth, and that is a fact!

You may wonder sometimes, why you have not received your healing from God.

And there are Christians who have not received their healing yet, all over the world, but, the reality from heaven and the truth in the Word of God is, that God wants to heal you, and he does heal, many people, everywhere, right at this moment, all over the world.

Cancer is according to many medical doctors, incurable disease, but not according to God. Today, there are many people being healed by faith in Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible, from all sorts of cancers, in many places of the world.

You must know, that cancer, whatever stage or type it is, is still curable today, by God. All that God requires, is faith in his Word, and his promises.

How do you explain the fact, that today, there are so many people healed from the worst cases of cancer, in many different countries, just by believing that Jesus will heal them? The author of this posts, has been an eyewitness, of how God heals people from cancer, in various places of the world. All that was required before the healing, is just a simple faith in God, and his Word. That was it. Not a big faith, but even a small faith which can move a mountain.

In Matthew 8:16, 17, we can see, that Jesus healed all those people, who came to him for healing. It is interesting to notice, that not every person who came to Jesus for healing, and was healed, was a Jew, or a Christian. Many of those people were even non religious people, and many also came to be healed by Jesus, from other countries like Syria, and not only from Israel, and yet, Jesus healed them, because he had compassion for them.

There are thousands of testimonies on the Internet today, of people being healed of all types of cancer by faith in God and his Word. The miracles of healing from God, by faith in Jesus and his Word, are still real and valid today. If you are suffering from any type of cancer, try faith in Jesus, ask him to heal you, and believe that he does, and you just receive your healing from him by faith, and thank him for that!

The very original Greek word for ‘Salvation’ in the Bible, also means ‘healing’, so everything has been provided by God already, including your healing, by what Jesus did on the cross for us. Just receive by faith that provided already healing from Jesus by his death on the cross, and thank him for that, even if you do not see immediate result!


How to Die to Ourselves Daily-Philippians 3

Jesus said, that we should carry our cross daily, and die to ourselves, if we want to follow him. At the first glance to that saying of Jesus, it seems very difficult thing to do, and we ask ourselves the question, if we can actually do that, on a daily basis, being non perfect human beings, although we have the Holy Spirit in us to help us to do so.

When we read Philippians 3:7-10, we can see, that Paul was really counting everything in his earthly life, as rubbish, in order for him, to get more of God. In other words, Paul was looking to the eternal value of spending his life for Jesus, and the things God wanted him to do on earth, instead of spending his life for himself, and the things he wanted to do for himself. 

Paul realised, that if had spend his life for himself and the things he wanted to do, instead of what God had in plan for his life, then, he would get all those human earthly desires satisfied, but the value of that, would be only for his life on earth, without bringing any value for his eternal life. That is why he decided to give life to those heavenly things in his life, which would serve God, and not himself, and would have value for his eternal life in heaven. 

As Jesus said that we should die for ourselves, in order to live for him, he meant that we should set what he has commanded us to do, in our daily life, to the priority number 1, and then, after that do what we want to do. As the Bible says that we should not longer live for ourselves, but for him, who died on the cross for us, that is Jesus. 

It is impossible to live for what God desires from us, and to live for ourselves, at the same time, because we will fall in love with the one or the other. We can not serve two masters.

We need to be just like a seed in the ground. Unless it dies, it will remain forever in the ground as a seed, but will not produce fruit. The only way for a seed to produce fruit, is when it dies. 

So, in a similar way, God wants our life to be like a seed, which will produce fruit, only when we die for ourselves. Is that easy to do? Not at all! In a matter of fact, to die for ourselves on a daily basis is often very difficult, because we have to say ‘No’ to our flesh, and say ‘Yes’ to the Holy Spirit in us. And that is where the battle is in our life, when we have to sacrifice what we want, in order to get what God wants, and our desires will sometime, conflict with what God desires for us.

But the Holy Spirit is there, to help us, become overcomes, just like Jesus said, that he has overcome the world.

In order for us, to know God better, to have more of God in us, and to know the power of God in our life, just as Apostle Paul wanted to do, as written in Philippians 3:7-10, we have to come to a point, where we can say like him “I consider all things rubbish, in order to gain Christ.” Everybody can say that, but to do that, there must be a sacrifice or ourselves, and that is sometimes very difficult to do, but it is possible, when the Holy Spirit is involved, and gives us the ability, power and grace to do so. If he does not help us, we can not die to ourselves in order to serve God, but will possibly find living for ourselves, more often.


What an Amazing Way to Get All You Need

Here we are. We have a promise from God, to keep us supplied with what we need, even in the worst of situations like famine.

With all this situation of job loses, and misery after misery with lock-downs and all the restrictions from governments around the world, because of Covid 19, many people everywhere, including Christians, have lost their jobs, their homes or their incomes, and many feel like they are living in a time of famine.

But, yet the Word of God says, that even in a time of famine, God will keep alive those who serve him, and follow him.

We can not get a better promise than that!

Do not try to calculate, how or from where, your will get your provision, if you need food, jobs or clothing, because, very often, or I would say, most of the time, you will not be able to figure it out anyway, but even if you can not, God can, and he will figure it out for you, just as he has promised.

Psalm 33:19, really shows that God cares about what is going on around the world, even in a time of famine, or Corona-virus pandemic, to provide and care for those who love him. That is his promise, and his promises will never fail, just as God himself, can not and will never fail, in what he does or says!

God has never asked of us, or expected of us, to figure out, how he does things, but has asked and commanded us, to believe him, and what he has said in his Word. God himself has promised in the Bible, that the Word he sends on earth, will never fail, but will accomplish what he sends it for! And it will!

All that God requires, is for us to trust him, and believe what he has said and promised. He knows that we do not understand, why certain things happen, and that we often do not see how, or do not understand, from where our provision for food, jobs, or other things will come from. And that is fine with him. All that he wants is that we trust him, because he is trustworthy.

Our faith in God, is often like a blind faith, without explanations about why should we believe, or how things from God, will happen. We can not understand many things that God does anyway, and I believe, that even if God would explain to us many of the things he does, we will not be able to understand them anyway. And he knows that!

We tend to believe, mainly what we can explain, and especially when we can explain why something happens, or will happen. But with our faith in God, we believe what he says, not because we can explain why God does something, but because of his character, and because of the miracles he has already done before, like miracles of provision, healing or other miracles, either in our life, or in the life of other people.

And first of all, we believe, because of the trustworthiness of the Bible, the very Word of God, which has proved itself to be true, through the history of mankind.

Even in famine, and in time of Covid 19 pandemic, God still feeds the birds. Think about it! We tend to think, that the birds feed themselves, because they fly all they long, searching for food here and there. But, Jesus himself said, that it is God who feeds the birds! The birds may be searching all day and night for food, but unless God provides for them, their search would be in vain.

Would he not feed us, who are called his beloved children, and are the body of Christ? Jesus takes care, of his own body.


The Top #1 Reason to Hope and Stop Your Worry and Anxiety

This world gives us many reasons to be worried and anxious, but on the other hand, the Word of God gives us reasons not to!

There is no situation left hopeless, if you are with God, because everything is possible with God!

When Jesus went to heaven, he did not leave us hopeless, and he did not leave his disciples hopeless and in despair. God never wants his children to be hopeless! How can you be blessed by God and hopeless at the same time? How can you be victorious in Christ, and yet be hopeless at the same time? No, it does not go like that.

Only this world, which is without God, is hopeless, because they do not have the One, who can turn their situation from hopeless, to hopeful. But we are not of this world, and Jesus said to his followers, that he has overcome the world. He still overcomes, through us, because he lives in us. Jesus is the head, and we are his body, and he wants his body to be full with hope, and to overcome today, for his glory.

In Romans 15:13, it says that we believe in the God of hope. He is called the God of hope. Why? Because there is always hope with him! He loves to turn your hopeless situation into hopeful, because, first of all, he will get the glory by doing that, and second, you will be blessed too.

God wants you and me, to overflow with hope as written in Romans 15:13. Hope means waiting to receive something good, in the future. And not only that, but in Romans 15:13, it also says, that God fills us with joy and peace, so that we can overflow with hope. Being only hopeful for something, but miserable on the inside, while you are waiting, is no fun, and makes what you hope for, to be more difficult to wait for.

But God fills those who hope to receive from him, the answer of what they hope for, with joy and peace, so that it will make it easier for them to wait to receive, what they are hoping for. That is what Romans 15:13 says.

It is sometimes difficult to wait in hope, to receive what you hope for, but if God gives you joy and peace, while you wait, it makes it more bearable and easier to wait for what you are hoping for.


You Might Be Thinking It Is Really Hard to Have All Your Needs Met-Well Think Again! Psalm 81

God is always interested to give you the best he can, regardless if that is food, clothing, employment, or other things.

He has promised in his Word, not only to satisfy your needs, but to feed you with the best food there is. Can you think about that for a moment?

​God is not only interested to satisfy your needs, but he wants to give you the best gifts he can give you. He has the best for you in mind. No believing it yet?

Look at Psalm 81:16. Although, it is addressed to the people of Israel, the principle is the same, and it is, that if you obey and serve God, he wants to give you the best, of what you need. And we Christians are called a spiritual Jews, in the New Testament.

In verse 16, of Psalm 81, God says that he will feed those who follow and obey him, with the finest of food. That is his intention, not to give you just what you need, but to give you the best of what you need.

So, the next time you are praying for your needs, and ask God to give you what you need, remember what his Word says, that he wants to give you the best of what you need, and not only just what you need, regardless of what you are asking him to give you.


A Better Way to Have All Your Needs Met-Acts 14

If you are a Christian, then you must be absolutely sure, that God wants, has promised, and will supply all your needs! That is the truth, and that truth is a fact. That is not a wish from God for you, but is his promise to you personally!

God is interested in your needs, but is not interested in greed! Your needs attract his attention, but if you have greed, his intention is to remove it, from your and my life.

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