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God’s Ways are Mysterious-Matthew 2:13

We logically would think that the angel would protect Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus from Herod but no, he instead told them to go to Egypt. Could not the angel supernaturally stop Herod killing baby Jesus? Yes he could. But that is not the way God wanted to happen. Most people would assume the angel supernaturally would protect the Son of God. But God’s ways are mysterious for us humans to understand, because his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. It is similar in many ways for many things happening in our lives. We think that this way is better or the other way, but somehow, God has a different way and choice for us, which could appear to be not the choice we would make, but nevertheless, he makes the best choices for us, even when they seem mysterious.

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Do Not Reason What God Says-John 11:39

We sometimes want to reason what God says about us or our situation. Martha said “but” to what Jesus said about Lazarus. She tried to reason it. Let us not say ‘but’ to God when he says something about our life or situation. Let us say a better ‘b’ word which is  believe.

Believe means we validate what God is saying. ‘But’ hurts the Holy Spirit because when we say ‘but’ to God, it shows that we doubt the validity, reality and the truth of what he is saying. Doubting God by saying ‘but’, is like we are saying that what he says is not true. By us saying ‘but’ to God is like we are saying that there is another reality than that one which God is talking about, and that other reality is our own reasoning. God will never accept the ‘but’ word, because it enthrones our ‘reality’ rather than his. He is trustworthy enough for us to accept what he is saying without the ‘but’ because we even come to him for everything by faith  and not by reason. Our reason is too shallow to grasp everything he says or has for us and he loves to be trusted. We cannot reason the things about God but we can believe them and experience them.



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Do You Know What You Want from God? John 5:6

What a question to ask a sick man waiting to be healed in John 5:6. Surely Jesus knew that the man was there waiting to be healed. Why did he ask him that question? Is it possible that Jesus wants us to express our faith in him by us confessing our faith for healing from him? It was the same with the blind man Bartimaeus when Jesus asked him what Bartimaeus want Jesus to do for him in Mark 10:51. It was obvious that Bartimaeus wanted healing. God wants us to do two things when we want something from him. One, to know exactly and precisely what we want, and second, to confess and express our faith by speaking. God wants to heal us and give us things but, he will not force healing on us. He wants us to express our faith in him by speaking and being specific. Vague prayers do not do good. We can not go to a shop and say “I want a soup”. We have to say to the vendor, what type of soup we want precisely.



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How to Be Patient-Colossians 1:11

Do you want to have a lot of patience, and be able to endure the challenges and difficulties in life even more?

Then ask God to fill you with his power.

One of the reasons God is giving us his power, his anointing by the Holy Spirit, is to enable us to live and do his commandments. 

Apostle Paul says in Colossians 1:11 that when Christians are strengthened with God power, then they will be able to be more patient and to endure.

The Christian life is supernatural, and doing the commandments of God, is only possible, by the anointing and the help of the Holy Spirit. It is not a matter of will and decision. If it was a matter only of will and decision, then we as Christians, would fall flat on our face, many times, unable to do the commandments of God. 

It does not mean that we never brake the commandments of God, we do sometimes, but it does mean, that the Holy Spirit in us, enables us by his grace and power, to do what God has commanded us, even in the most challenging situations in our life. That is how, those who lost their life, because of persecution for their faith, were able to be faithful even to death, by the power, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, abiding in them.

We are giving the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the Bible says that the anointing abides in us. 

One of the reason for the anointing to be in us, is to enable us to be more like Jesus, and to live like Jesus, when he was on earth. 

Apostle Paul also said, that he can do all things, through Him who gives him strength. 

We need the power of God in us, to make us endure hardship and be more patient in difficult times. We can not do it on our own.

The power of God in us, can relate and enable more patience in our life. 

So, the power of God, is not only for doing miracles in our life, but also for shaping our character, making it more like the character of Jesus.

In Colossians 2:23, Paul shows that men made rules, can not make a person fight against the sinful nature in their body, regardless of who made the rules, or what rules they are. Only the power or the anointing of the Holy Spirit in us, can help us do that. That is how we become more patient too.


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Who is Feeding Us?-Luke 12:24

Looking at the birds, because they search for food, we think that they find their food when searching for it. But in reality God feeds them. Yes, they have to go out from their nest to search for food, but when they are searching for it, God provides it for them. People who do not believe in God are worried about food because they do not know that God feeds us – verse 30. But we do and glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus for that! All we need will be given to us by God – verse 31. We do not earn it. He gives it to us.




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Delight in Suffering-2 Corinthians 12:10

First of all, how could Apostle Paul delight in troubles? Most people are depressed, worried and anxious, when they get in serious suffering. But not Paul, He had something from heaven, given him from God, which enabled him to delight in difficulties. The power and the grace from God for Paul was sufficient to make him delight in pain, suffering and all sort of problems.

It is similar to the ‘delight’ in suffering, which the Apostles experienced, when they were flogged because of preaching about Jesus. The came out after being flogged, rejoicing. How could they? The grace and power of God. Acts-5:40, 41.






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Your Source of Provision-Mark 6:36, 37



Our provision does not start, and does not finish with circumstances. Our provision starts with God promising to provide for us. 

In Mark 6:36, 37, the disciples were completely in the flesh. How? Well, because all they were doing was calculating all the circumstances, and their own abilities about providing food for the thousands of people. They were spiritually blind, that the Source of all things and Life Himself, was standing next to them. Jesus had already done so many miracles which they testified with their own eyes, and yet they still were relying completely on logic, instead of the Word and promises of God.

Jesus said that we should not worry what we can eat, or what we can wear.

God knows that we need all those things. He created us to be with needs, and he is more concerned that our needs are met, than we are. How we know that? Let us look at 1 Timothy 6:17, where it says that God is the one who provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

We tend to think that it is us, who work for money in order to provide ourselves with food, but yet God wants us to know, that despite the fact that he wants us to work, our work is not our provider and source, but it is him. Work or not, he will provide for us, because he is the source of our life and everything around us. He will provide for us, because Jesus said that our life is more than food itself.

When the Bible says that God cares for us, that includes him caring for what we should eat, or what we should wear. He does not and never will care only for some things in our life. No, he cares about everything.

A good earthly father, will care about everything going on in the life of their child. A good father will not be partial and say ‘I will care for this, but not for that’. No, he is concerned for anything going on in the life of his child.

How much more, God who did not spare his own Son Jesus, but gave him and allowed him to come and die for us, will give us everything else we need – Romans 8:32